HD Mailbag: Fowler, Moorer, Clarington & More

In this week's HD Mailbag I answer questions about some key 2015 signees, Pat Moorer and much more.


Qualifying questions is Clarington and major going to get in also Gilbert Johnson


We have heard that there is some concern there with Clarington, and we are checking on Ronnie Major and Gilbert Johnson.



Who are the next 2 recruits to commit (1 on offense, 1 on defense)?


Tough to say. I think most of Texas’ targets are a ways away from making a decision. Two that I think could are Jack Stoll and Erick Fowler. Not saying they will any time soon, or will at all, but I could see it happening.



My inside source tells me Erick Fowler will be a Horn. Can you confirm? I don't understand the waiting game? What is the advantage of having silent commitments?


I do know that things continue to move in a positive direction between he and UT, and I’d be surprised if he didn’t end up in Texas’ 2016 class. Hope that answers your question.

As for as advantages go, it’s really hard to pinpoint them. I think it depends on a case-by-case basis. This early in the process, one advantage could be to not lose out on other recruits at that position that might have an interest in UT. If they see a kid committed at their position they might close the book on Texas and look elsewhere. Sure, they could just as well do that if another kid commits at his position after he’s already committed. But a verbal pledge means something to some of these recruits. So they might be hesitant to decommit.



The Big 12 Baseball will be in Tulsa this year instead of its usual OKC location.

The Men's Basketball Tournament is most every year KC

The Softball Tournament is most every year OKC

The Football used to rotate

Question: why is the Baseball Tournament not in Round Rock on at least a semi regular basis..............the crowds suck in Oklahoma. Have the Tournament in RR and it would be a money maker......is this another example of the old northern Big 12 schools saying "we hate all things Texas"?


Good question. I wish it would rotate through Round Rock as well. That ballpark can handle it.

This isn’t something that just happens overnight. Tulsa had been targeting this tournament since 2010 when ONEOK Field [site of the tourney] was still under construction.

This is only the third time the tourney won’t be in Oklahoma City since the league’s birth in 1997. The other two came in 2002 and 2004 when it was held in Arlington.

If Tulsa can handle it I see no reason why Round Rock shouldn’t be able to as well. I’m just not sure on the exact reason why it hasn’t been in RR before.



Can you give an in depth breakdown of what the team will be doing all summer? What can/can't they do? How pumped would you be if the spurs pick up Lamarcus Aldridge this offseason?


Well relatively new NCAA bylaws now allow members of a coaching staff to supervise mandatory summer workouts for up to eight hours per week. So the staff can be much more hands on now, whereas before the workouts were voluntary, though, you better have showed your butt up ready to work.

So that is the biggest thing – those mandatory workouts. Coaches will be able to work with the incoming freshmen a lot faster and they’ll be able to get up to speed a lot quicker than in the psat.

It will basically be a lot of strength and conditioning drills as well as 7-on-7.

This is where Pat Moorer becomes the head coach in many ways.

I’d be thrilled if SA landed him. There is a good possibility from what I understand. Could come down to SA and Dallas for him if he chooses to leave.



Lets say Devo doesn't qualify, which seems quite likely, what is our H Back/TE position going to do next year? Seems like a hard position to sell to recruits based on production if there's no one to produce. Seems we have one decent blocker, and one decent receiver but not much of a real threat. Will the "spread" (hate the way the term is tossed around...) help get the flex TE's more looks and more match ups vs. Smaller DBs this year?


Your last point would be the goal of the TE position, for sure.

It’s going to hurt if Clarington doesn’t qualify. I think he is a difference maker and what the staff views as an ideal TE in this system because of how he can stretch the field vertically. But, but, I do think the staff’s growing confidence in Andrew Beck will be justified this fall. He just needs the chance to show it, and I don’t think the timing was right for him to do that last season.

You can tell by the rate with which the staff has offered TE’s that it is a position of need in 2016. It just opens up this offense to so much more.

I think Texas is going to get one of the TEs its already offered {Jack Stoll?]. But, until then, I do think the program will be OK. You mentioned it, there doesn’t seem to be that real all-around threat, at least not one that’s proven yet. But Beck, Blake Whitely and Alex De La Torre together should be able to do enough to show contemplating recruits that UT is a program that uses it’s TE/H Backs a ton and that there is a need for them in Austin immediately.



This might be a controversial question or thought...I'll preface it by saying I have total respect for Pat Moorer and what he brings to the team. Charlie ain't Charlie without Pat. That said, is his old school style of lifting and weight training affecting our injuries? Seems we have had quite a few key injuries. In comparison to someone like Shannon Turley, do we look into modern approaches to weight lifting to prevent injury?


I’ll I can tell you is from what I’ve heard from people inside the program is that Moorer is doing a fine job.

He has the attention of the players. They respect him [fear him to a degree] but understand that he does plenty of good. The Pit is hell. I’ve spoken to a few players about it and there is no mistaking that it sucks. But it serves a purpose.

I understand your concern/thought and I do know the program is always looking at modernizing its approach to a certain degree. But his old school style has gotten him to this point in his career and earned him the trust of Charlie Strong. That will always be the focal point for what he does.


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