Marvin Wilson Loves UT Coaching Staff

Four-star 2017 DT Marvin Wilson is already a household name with offers from some of the top programs around the country.

Marvin Wilson 1V1 AT THE OPENING New Orleans

Marvin Wilson’s strength is the type of strength that makes you cringe for blocking dummies. Seriously.

You padded piece of whatever you are. Yeah, you, with the No. 99 painted on it. We can’t help but feel sorry for you when this 6-foot-5, 315-pound bulldozer either bull rushes you into oblivion or decides to nail you with his tree trunks for arms while practicing his swim move.

That has to hurt.

But it’s because of that strength and the quickness he possesses that has helped the Bellaire (Texas) Episcopal defensive tackle become a household name to much of the country.

Did we mention he still has two years of high school left?

”The last couple of weeks, last couple of months have been the most exciting time of my life,” Wilson said. “Moving up in rankings, going to camps and just blowing it up. Just seeing my hard work pay off, getting invited to all of these All-American games, it’s been exciting.

Schools like Florida State, Louisville, Michigan, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, UCLA and USC have all joined the offer parade for the MVP of the Next Level Athlete Showcase.

The Wolverines, Vols and Sooners all offered him March 10.

Wilson said he didn’t see this type of attention coming.

”Not at all,” he said. “I remember when I was six-years-old and my brother was telling me about all of these [all-star] games and stuff and dreamt about playing in them. Now to see that I can actually play in these games is crazy.”

That’s a humble answer by Wilson. We won’t be so passive. Those who have seen his uprising saw this national attention coming from miles away.

I mean look at this [highlights from his sophomore season]:

One of the teams in pursuit of him the hardest are the Longhorns, and with good reason. As it stands right now Texas will only have three scholarship defensive tackles on its roster by the time Wilson could join the program.

Of course those numbers will grow. UT will add a couple of DTs in 2016. But that doesn’t lessen the importance of Wilson to the Longhorns staff, and they’ve let him know it.

”They want to keep in touch with me,” Wilson said. “They want to come watch me. They want me to come visit them with my family and come down a couple of times during the summer and also for games.”

One thing the Longhorns have going for them is Wilson’s love for the coaching staff. “Brick Haley, Coach [Vance] Bedford, Coach [Charlie] Strong are three of the best coaches I’ve seen so far,” he said.

Texas is also benefitting from the fact that Strong is a defensive-minded head coach.

”I really like that about Texas,” Wilson said. “They get the players they need to on the defensive side of the ball. When I went up there the defense was just dominating practice.”

Wilson took in a Texas practice about a month ago and came away impressed with the consistent intensity.

”Coach Bedford and the other coaches were getting in everybody’s grill,” he said. “They are going to make you play and make you play hard. That’s what I like about the Texas coaches.”

Wilson said he got to sit in the film room with Haley and the defensive line and that he appreciated the way UT’s defensive line coach went about his business.

“I went down there, got to sit in the film room and watched how Coach Haley breaks down film and how he coaches them up,” he said. “He lets the players coach themselves throughout film as well.”

But will it be enough to keep Texas in the mix for the long run?

Wilson said that all schools are jumbled up at this point, but he did grow up loving Colt McCoy.


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