HD Mailbag: Shawn Robinson; The Hulk; Shaka

In this week's HD Mailbag I answer questions about two big time UT targets, Shaka Smart and more. If you've got questions you can email them to HornsDigest@gmail.com or tweet them to @WVWilkerson every Sunday by 11 p.m. CT.


It's so far away...but Shawn Robinson looks like the real deal. Potentially great college QB. How big is his recruitment for Texas and other schools involved? And how does Texas stand with him in the super super super early going?


He’s the Real Deal Holyfield; as good a high school quarterback as I’ve ever seen.

Everyone wants him. That’s obvious. But UT has let him know that he is as big a target for them in 2017 as there is, and his relationship with Shawn Watson couldn’t be better.

He really hasn’t tipped his hand as of late as to who is standing out. But he told me early on that the Longhorns were his top school. Of course, this was really, really early on and he’s since garnered a ton of offers.

I think UT will be there until the end. I think it will help the Longhorns chances if he sees Jerrod Heard have success in Texas’ new offense.

I know he’s a big fan of Ohio State but I’m not sure how Tristen Wallace’s commitment might impact him looking at the Buckeyes.

Simply put: There’s a long way to go here, but Texas is squarely in the mix.



Will, I was wondering if you could give us a rundown of the big events for the summer? Obviously there is UTL, but what sort of camp circuits should we be looking at or following?

For a second question, I was wondering if Yall ever have done a coach bio? Sort of give us background info on the coaches and kind of a glimpse as to who they are off the field.

Thanks for the info my man.


The Texas camp circuit will begin on June 7 with the first of two mini camps. The second will take place a week later.

UT will also have two junior camps for 4th through 8th graders, a kicking camp, a line and skills camp and their Elite Quarterback Camp. All of this will take place in June.

Other than that I’d definitely keep an eye on other schools camps, The Elite 11 and The Opening in July.



Does the 2015 BB recruiting class end with Mack's decision this week or are there other targets Shaka is looking at to complete the class?


If they get Mack I think it’ll end. And from what I’m hearing, that’s a real possibility.

If Texas doesn’t get Mack I think there are some other routes they could go. Shaka hinted that he might add another player to the equation.



Was sad to see things not work out with Darius James. Not hitting on 5-stars hurts...

Should we expect more attrition news this week?


I’m not confident that more attrition will happen this week, but I am confident that other players will be leaving the program. Once coaches start to settle back in to campus from the recruiting trail you’ll start to see some movement IMO.



I know the basketball staff gets limited hours to work with current players.

All the talk (and videos released through UT of practices) has been about the guards and coaching up the guards. What are you hearing from your sources about the big guys (Ibeh, Ridley, Cleare) and how they're handling the new style from Smart and how they will be utilized this coming season?


Oddly enough this is something we talked to Shaka about on Monday when myself and a few others writers got to spend some time with him. His short answer: He’s not quite sure how the bigs will play in this system. He admitted he’s never had this type of size before. Not only that but Prince and Connor have both been sidelined since he took over, so he isn’t sure what they bring to the table.

If I had to guess I’d say to Prince is going to see a dramatic increase in playing time. I wouldn’t even be shocked to see Jordan Barnett slide to the 4 at times. The bigs will carve out a roll for themselves. Shaka is too good of a coach not to figure this out. I just think that Prince’s versatility, athleticism and ability to guard the perimeter will get him on the floor early and often.



This may be an obvious answer with Kendell Jones on the board. But, of all the uncommitted players out there, which in your opinion would make the biggest impact (in terms of boosting the class and increasing recruiting momentum) if they were to commit to Texas?


Very good question. I think you could pick one of a number of players and have them make a huge wave of momentum if they were to commit to Texas.

You could easily start and stop with Kendell Jones for reasons that are obvious to all of us. But you could go other routes too.

Brandon Jones, Dontavious Jackson, Jean Delance, Jeffrey McCulloch, Trayveon Williams, Mike Williams, Eric Monroe, etc.

Any of those recruits are high-profiled enough and have the respect of their peers to the point that I think it would at least be cause for them to look at UT a little longer.

If I were to pick one, though, I’d probably go with K. Jones because it’s a position of need, he’s someone others would want to play around and you are keeping him away from some of Texas’ biggest rivals.


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