Patrick Vahe #LETSRIDE

Four-Star offensive linemen Patrick Vahe is weeks away from joining his fellow incoming freshmen at the University of Texas. Over the next two and a half weeks the rest of the 2015 class will be on campus and ready to work.

Patrick Vahe is one of the most least talked about players in the class of 2015. The 6-foot-4, 319-pound offensive guard has aggressiveness, tenacity and technique. Vahe is anxious to begin his career.

”Being able to get closer to my goals in life and start everything,” Vahe said.

Vahe has maintained one goal over the last several months.

”Stability in my shoulder and being able to improve and being able to be mentally tough for football,” Vahe said.

What can the Texas fans expect from Patrick Vahe over the next several years? Vahe talked about is relationship with the coaching staff.

”Close relationship but serious as business men,” Vahe said. Texas fans will enjoying what Vahe is bringing to the table once in Austin.

”Respect, hard work, commitment and heart,” Vahe said. Take:

Plays with a very high level of consistency and offers versatility. He can play up and down the offensive line, and can already center snap. He recognizes defenses, helps with calls and comes off the ball in a flash after snapping. He uses his quickness to his advantage getting good placement on his blocks and he is big enough and strong enough to finish off, but he will need to add to that in college to take on the even bigger and stronger guys.

Inside the Numbers:

Position OG

Height/Weight 6-foot-4, 319-pounds

Scout Overall Rank No 90

Position Rank 6

Midland OG Rank 2

Texas OG Rank 2

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