HD Roundtable: Best College Postseason Event

Question: The "Road To Omaha" officially starts this week and the Longhorns miraculously have found their way into the NCAA Tournament. With that in mind, what is your favorite collegiate postseason experience? Be specific. If it's the NCAA Tournament, which round do you like the best? If it's the CFB Playoffs, what bowl game do you like best? Etc.

Annabel Stephan’s Take

From a coverage side, I have to say my favorite collegiate postseason experience is bowl season.

The Rose Bowl is an unbeatable experience; not only is the stadium and surrounding area gorgeous (because who doesn't want to look at the mountains while also watching football?) but the press box facilities and just the overall hospitality is second to none.

I loved covering UCLA games there when I was based in Los Angeles and the Rose Bowl game itself was just such a cool experience.

On the fan side, I love March Madness, especially right at the beginning. You just never know who will win, and it often comes down to those last few seconds. Even if your team isn't the one playing, it's hard not to always root for the underdog!

Gabe Brooks’ Take

I must admit, my interest in college baseball in general is about the same as my interest in golf.

That said, I'm a huge consumer of college football and college basketball.

College football's regular season is perhaps the most intriguing regular season in all sports -- pro, college, or high school. I hate the argument against an expanded college football playoff because it would hurt the importance of the regular season, but at the same time, the current setup does lend itself to an ultra-intense regular season.

But my favorite postseason event in college sports is the first four days of the NCAA men's basketball tournament. For me, March Madness loses its steam after the first weekend, partly because those entertaining early-round upsets lead to late-round blowouts, and partly because as the calendar nears April my focus enters tunnel-vision territory on the NBA.

That first weekend of the NCAA tournament is the ultimate in sports-watching at a mass scale. For the past several years, a big group of folks get together here in Denton and watch days-worth of basketball in a back yard patio setting with much revelry. That weekend is one that I look forward to as much as any the entire year.

Greg Powers’ Take

My new favorite is the College Football Playoff.

I thought this year’s set of games was not only a ton of fun to watch, but it was also very entertaining to not only debate who should be in the final four, but who would ultimately win it.

This season it just so happened to be the No. 4 team in, Ohio State. That will build even more intrigue going forward as any of the top four teams will always have a legit chance to win the whole thing and proves that it is not how you start, it is how you finish.

William Wilkerson’s Take

I’ve made my way up to the College World Series in Omaha the last two years and must say, if you’ve never been there, get there.

Even if the Longhorns aren’t there you won’t be disappointed. It’s a Bucket List item to the utmost degree. The location of TD Ameritrade is ideal as there are plenty of bars and restaurants around, and the ballpark itself is first class. The entire town usually finds a team to rally around, which is always exciting. And they love UT up there, if that helps.

That said, I’d still put the first weekend of March Madness ahead of it, especially if you are in Las Vegas. There’s no better time to visit Sin City in my opinion.

But that wouldn’t even be my first choice. That spot is reserved for the Rose Bowl. There’s simply nothing else like it.

My friends and I took a Greyhound bus from San Antonio to Los Angeles for the 2005 Rose Bowl. Despite spending over a full day on that damn bus, I’d do it over again just to get back.

I mean, you tailgate on a freaking golf course!

It simply doesn’t get any better than the Rose Bowl. Never will.


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