HD Roundtable: Satellite Camps

Question: Do you think the NCAA should ban participation in satellite camps completely, or are you a fan of them? Coaches at programs in the state of Texas can't like the idea of programs like Michigan setting up shop within the Lone Star State later this summer.

Greg Powers’ Take

This will be pretty brief and to the point, but I am for all scenarios that may help a kid get a scholarship who may have not had the opportunity to get one otherwise. So if more camps come to Texas as a result then it will be a bonus for TXHSFB athletes who desire to attend to try and earn a scholarship.

Nick Castillo’s Take

I don’t have an issue with satellite recruiting camps. If the camps provide an opportunity for a recruit to get noticed and earn a scholarship from a school then I have no issue with these camps.

There are recruits all over the nation and if a school like Alabama or Ohio State wants to come to Texas, and vice versa, to recruit then by all means those schools should be able to do so.

Stopping schools from holding satellite camps isn’t going to stop them from recruiting nationally. If these camps help a student athlete receive a scholarship that they might not have earned otherwise then I’m all for these camps.

Gabe Brooks’ Take

I'm a big proponent of satellite camps because my biggest concern in the entire discussion is prospects getting as many opportunities to get noticed as possible.

I think contact between coaches and prospects is already over-regulated, so putting the kibosh on satellite camps would be even more overkill in my opinion. I think anyone who wants to do a satellite camp should be able to do one wherever they want.

Schools in the state of Texas may not like that out-of-state programs are coming here to scout talent and make connections, but that's life when you're in one of the most talent-rich states in the country. That's a good problem to have and definitely preferable to being in a state where there aren't any players and being forced to invade elsewhere with your own satellite camps.

But the bottom line for me is getting players the most looks as possible. That means the more satellite camps, the better.

William Wilkerson’s Take

I’ve got a feeling I might be the odd man out with this take, but I don’t like them.

How would you like someone coming into your backyard and stealing the steak you’ve marinated on your grill? It would suck wouldn’t it?

I understand the argument that these satellite camps would do some good as far as getting kids exposure to colleges they otherwise might not be able to travel to.

But I’d be furious if I were a head coach from the state of Texas and you had coaches from the Big Ten, the Pac-12 and even other Big 12 schools setting up shop in Dallas, Houston and wherever else they want inside the Lone Star State. I’d be pissed.

And here’s the kicker: SEC and ACC coaches aren’t even allowed to partake in satellite camps. But new SEC commissioner Greg Sankey recently said that if the NCAA rule doesn’t outlaw them all then he’ll likely give the green light to his coaches.

As if Nick Saban needed any extra help recruiting the state…


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