HD Roundtable: Should UT Take 2 QBs in 2016?

Question: If you were the Longhorns would you take another QB in 2016 even though Shane Buechele, the No. 1 rated QB in the state, is already committed?

Annabel Stephan’s Take

While I think Buechele was a great land for the Longhorns, I think that if the right opportunity presented itself, Texas should take another quarterback.

If you look back to a few years ago, it's evident that depth can go from very solid to almost nothing at all in a matter of weeks with injuries, transfers, etc.

Right now with Swoopes, Heard, and Merrick on the roster and with Buechele coming in, the depth is looking really good. I don't think the Horns would want to risk losing Buechele and I'm all for being open and honest in the recruiting process.

However, there is still a long time until Signing Day and the Horns should definitely have a Plan B just in case something happens this season or Buechele ends up not signing with the program.

Chip Brown’s Take

Texas' QB numbers have been so off for so long that I think Texas does have to take two QBs in 2016.

I think Texas coaches have to be up front with Shane Buechele and say, "We can't be in a position - ever again - like we were in 2014. We want four scholarship QBs on campus at all times and know that you're not afraid of competition. That's why we love that you're a Longhorn."

If you're the Texas coaches, you talk about Ohio State needing three talented QBs to win the national championship and that it's about getting as much talent on campus as possible.

Doing that ensures the best competition in practice to help every position improve every practice and ensures depth. So that the team's fortunes don't rise and fall on the health of one player.

Making promises to kids that Texas wouldn't recruit behind them is the reason UT got into this mess.

Bring in the best players - even at the same position in the same class - and be honest with the kids about why you're doing it.

William Wilkerson’s Take

Call me crazy – it wouldn’t be the first time – but I think the Longhorns would be fine sticking with Buechele, and only Buechele, in 2016.

I think he’s that good and after his performance at the Elite 11 semifinals, where he earned a coveted spot to the finals, the rest of the country is quickly finding that out as well.

And I think he’s as sold on the Longhorns as any of the commitments Texas has. He’s not going anywhere.

On top of that, as you all know, I’m a huge fan of Matthew Merrick’s. He might be a greyshirt but he’s far better than that. I don’t even think he’s scratched the surface with how good he could be.

Remember, this is the first summer he’s dedicated strictly to football. In the past he’d always had basketball taking up a big chunk of his time.

You add these two guys to the mix with Tyrone Swoopes, Jerrod Heard and Kai Locksley, and I think Shawn Watson would be perfectly fine with that.

And taking one QB in 2016 should make it easier to take two QBs in 2017 when I think the Longhorns are setting themselves up to have one of the top classes in the country.


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