HD Roundtable: All in on Ehlinger or No?

Question: Should the Longhorns go ahead and put the full court press on Sam Ehlinger in hopes of getting him on board quickly, especially since Shawn Robinson has committed to TCU? Or should Texas take its time to make sure the Austin Westlake product is the 2017 QB it wants and give others like Jaylon Mascorro a longer look?

Gabe Brooks’ Take

With a whole other recruiting class ahead of the 2017 group, I tend to lean toward the take-your-time approach when it comes to Texas and its 2017 quarterback situation.

Yes, some of your chief in-conference foes have already gotten commitments from probably the top three quarterbacks in Texas' 2017 cycle: five-star Shawn Robinson (TCU), four-star Chris Robison (Oklahoma), and four-star Kellen Mond (Baylor).

But you don't necessarily let others' actions dictate yours, especially in the recruiting game, especially when dealing with the quarterback position, and especially when it does not involve the incoming senior class.

Not getting Robinson, Robison, or Mond may sting Texas fans right now, but the long play is the smarter route when pursuing a 2017 quarterback. The 2017 class appears to be a deep one for quarterbacks in-state, so there are players who are still on the board -- such as Sam Ehlinger or Jaylon Mascorro or Avery Davis or Jason Shelley or Tracin Wallace -- who plenty of teams will be after during the course of the next 18 months.

To steal a line from recruiting guru Jason Higdon, "Patience, my friend."

Nick Castillo’s Take

There are 589 days until National Signing Day 2017.

Although losing out on Denton Guyer quarterback Shawn Robinson to TCU stings, Texas shouldn’t speed up its evaluation process because of one recruit.

Do the Longhorns need to offer Sam Ehlinger sometime soon? Sure, only if they see him as a fit into the offensive system.

Texas does need to give guys like Jaylon Moscarro a harder look. Like any good coaching staff, the Texas staff needs to keep evaluating signal callers because these 2017 guys have two seasons two develop.

Long answer short: let the process play out, after all, there are 589 days until 2017 recruits sign their names on a letter of intent.

William Wilkerson’s Take

Charlie Strong needs to call up Shaka Smart, ask him for some tips on how to full court press and then immediately apply what he learns toward the recruitment of Sam Ehlinger.

Normally I’d side with the other side and say that Texas doesn’t need to hurry here. But Ehlinger is the Real Deal Holyfield who, oh by the way, grew up a Longhorns fan in the shadow of DKR.

He has a fantastic relationship with Shawn Watson, so much so that he told HD that he talks with Watson more than any other college coach out there.

If you can get Ehlinger on board soon to go along with the dynamic playmaker in Damion Miller, that would be a great start to 2017 and would probably entice a few others to jump on board soon as well.

This guy is a winner, through and through, who will get other winners to Texas with him. The sooner this happens for the Longhorns, the better.


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