Charlie Strong Changing Culture at Texas

Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong practices what he preaches.

I think many of you by now understand what Charlie Strong is all about. His set of core values is something he teaches to not only his football team but his own family. He is not some talking head figure that preaches to his team how to live their lives and then lives his own life in a different manner under a different set of circumstances.

He doesn’t teach hard work without first doing it himself. Charlie Strong is a lead by example kind of coach and man. He sets the bar extremely high for his team because that’s what he expects from himself and his own family. The football team is an extension of his own family. What you see is what you get with Charlie Strong and his staff. As Vance Bedford put it, get on board or get out of the way. That is the Charlie Strong mentality. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. This man genuinely cares for his players, and it’s easy to see if you ever talk to a recruit that meets with Strong and his staff.

I think this has been evident to all Texas fans over the last year or so of getting to know him through media gatherings and social settings. We have heard it time and time again from countless recruits/commits/prospects/family members. He is an extension of the parents as he brings young men into adulthood.

Life after football is something he talks to all recruits/players about because he wants these young men to understand the dangers/pitfalls of being a big-time college athlete. With Strong if there is a will there is a way. It’s about determination, dedication and doing things the right way.

I can’t speak for anything prior to Strongs arrival but moving forward it’s easy to see he is changing the culture from top to bottom with the Texas football program. When the commissioner of the NLF comes to speak with you about your core values you know you are doing things the way they are supposed to be done.

You will never see a Charlie Strong coached football team take short cuts or the easy way out. They will always have that lunch pail mentality and attempt to outwork you in everything they do. Early on, we saw certain recruits fall into the “trap” of listening to other coaches describe who Charlie Strong was and because of that some didn’t give Strong/Texas a serious look.

I think that stigma has been wiped away, and we are now seeing every top prospect in the state of Texas starting to figure it out. They have a much better understanding of who Strong is and what he stands for. It is having a direct impact on recruits and their families. More than a few have asked me about the #LetsRide saying he tweets when they land a commit. It’s an extension of his core values. It's about three things, commitment to yourself first and foremost because without that you have nothing. It’s about a commitment to your teammates because if you put yourself first you have nothing. Last but not least its about a commitment to your coaching staff because you must be on board and trust what they are teaching.

Charlie Strong and his staff are not fully where they want to be, but I can see the culture changing at Texas. The Charlie Strong plan (as with any coach) will have ups and downs, but it’s moving in the right direction. Turning around the culture at any football program, let alone one as prominent as Texas is not easy, but things are changing for the better.



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