Desmond Jackson Taking Nothing for Granted

AUSTIN, Tex. -- After suffering a devastating injury last season, Texas defensive lineman Desmond Jackson says he's not taking anything granted this fall...

With Texas kicking off fall camp on Friday, there is plenty of excitement among the coaches and players about returning to the field.

After suffering a devastating injury last season, defensive lineman Desmond Jackson is approaching the season with a fresh mindset and says that he's not taking anything for granted this time around.

"I'm just ready to get the season that I missed out on. I'm just ready for that. Not being able to play last year because of my injury, not being able to walk...I came into this season hungry. I humbled myself a lot. I'm taking every day a day at a time," he said.

At Thursday's media day, Jackson spoke about what he learned from having to take time off the field and how he thinks that will impact his ability on the field this fall. Jackson also discussed working with with new position coach Brick Haley and why he's so excited for the defense this season.

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