Observations from Day 1 of Longhorns Practice

There was plenty to digest from watching Texas open up fall camp on Friday. Here are some notes.

Tyrone Swoopes took the majority of 1st team reps today. When the whistle blew for the players to break out into positions, he sprinted over to Watson and was the first one in line.

Swoopes doesn't appear to have gotten any quicker but he did look really, really good throwing the intermediate routes today, especially those over the middle to the tight end.

Speaking of tight end, DeAndre McNeal went over with the receivers when players broke out into different positions but was told to go with the tight ends. He worked with the TEs all day. Looked really good.

Andrew Beck and Blake Whiteley dropped some passes. Whiteley came up holding his forearm after one diving incompletion but appeared to be OK.

Hassan Ridegway, Tim Cole, and Holton Hill were two noticeably absent today. Saw Ridgeway stretch with team but didn't see him after that.

Saw Dalton Santos dressed out and stretch but nothing after that.

John Burt is a lot thinner than I anticipated him being, but he glides across the field and does a nice job of plucking ball out of the air. He almost made the catch of the day on a deep ball against Davante Davis. Everyone, including Strong, was pumped. Really was unclear if he caught it. At first it looked like he did but his body language said different.

Peter Jinkens had the only INT I saw today

Charles Omenihu is going to be a monster. Interesting to see the coaches had him standing up at DE

John Bonney was playing corner opposite of Duke Thomas today. Don't think that will stick but he did look really good.

Aramanti Foreman is yoked. He's changed his body a ton. Looks good. Jay Norvell called for he and Marcus Johnson to be the first two receivers in drills.

First two corners were Duke Thomas and John Bonney. Safeties were Jason Hall and Dylan Haines. LBs were Malik, Freeman, Jinkens and Hughes. Three linemen were Poona, Boyette, and Vasser

Aussie punter Michael Dickson has a BOOOOOOOMING leg. He had his teammates in aww to start practice. He does need to work on his consistency though. You could tell he was a bit nervous. Has only been in the States for a week and change.

First OL: Hutchins, Flowers, Doyle, Perkins, Williams

Second OL: Hodges, Vahe, Raulerson, Thomas, Nickelson.

Slot WR in order of workout line: Warrick, Daje, Newsome, Bernard

Newsome looks quick, quick, quick.

Lining up behind Marcus Johnson [in order] were Lorenzo Joe and Ty Templin.

Lining up behind Armanti was John Burt and then Dorian Leonard

Burt was getting a lot more reps than Leonard. Looks like he's already positioned himself as the No. 2 WR behind Foreman.

Alex De La Torre was 1st FB

Kai Locksley looks like a $1 million bucks

Punt returners were Daje, Armanti, Newsome and Duke Thomas

Cherry and Wheeler played a lot together with Derick Roberson playing the Fox

Connor Williams absolutely murdered Dylan Haines when Haines tried to do a weakside blitz

Hager put a walk-on RB on his back with a nice forearm in O vs. D.

Derick Roberson chunked Alex Anderson out of the way at one point when the two met head-on at the line

Kirk Johnson looks really, really quick.

J Gray was J Gray. Looks sharp. Doesn't seem to be second-guessing any cuts, moves.

Cherry drops back into coverage pretty well. He tipped an intermediate route one time that had the coaches happy

Davante Davis took the majority of the reps behind Duke Thomas, though, Antwaun Davis got a lot of them as well. Davis, everybody, looks like a star in the making. He's listed at 6-2, 191. Solid.

Kris Boyd was working behind Bonney and Echols

Daje was bringing some nice energy to practice. At one point he broke lose on a long reception and jogged back yelling, "Yeah, gimmie more of that. I'll take all of that."

Bj was cussing the hell out of his guys today. A long way to go there but you can tell he's got some horses in the stable. Bright future there.

I thought Heard looked OK. He didn't do anything today that wowed me. I've said it before but practice settings aren't his bread and butter. He is best when he can get out of the pocket and do things with his feet. There's only so much he can do with that in practice.

Matthew Merrick was on the sidelines trying to catch up on the plays. He's No. 19 on your roster.



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