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Same Swoopes, Different Day on Monday

Texas Longhorns quarterback Tyrone Swoopes didn't exactly ooze confidence on Monday even though he's fighting for his starting job.

If you thought Tyrone Swoopes was going to walk into Texas’ weekly Monday press conference, slam the table he was seated in front of and wax poetic about his abilities to lead UT to a promising 2015 campaign, well, think again.

Instead, when Swoopes was asked if he’s confident Texas’ offense will get fixed before Rice comes to town on Saturday, Swoopes said nonchalantly, “Yeah.”

Same Swoopes, different day.

You’d be naïve to blame the junior for all that went wrong offensively in South Bend, but there’s no question he has to shoulder some of the backlash.

As former Longhorn and two-time Super Bowl champion Dan Neil said in his first story with HornsDigest, “I saw a lot more opportunity for Tyrone Swoopes to make plays. But either he left the pocket before the rush truly got there, didn’t know where to bail out with his eyes still downfield or simply missed on his throws.”

Put it all together and Swoopes completed just 7-of-22 passes for 93 yards. He also rushed 10 times for a net gain of 17 yards.

“I just missed some opportunities to receivers,” Swoopes said. “I threw one to Armanti [Foreman] that he could have caught and turned up field for a touchdown.”

Swoopes is precisely the type of guy you’d want to date your daughter, but lead your team as its starting quarterback? Not sure about that.

The Longhorns aren’t sure about that either, at least not enough for Charlie Strong to say without question that Swoopes would start against the Owls.

Instead Strong said Swoopes and Heard would be evaluated this week and that a decision on who would start would be made later this week.

Heard played sparingly in the first half, completing his only pass attempt for 10 yards and getting sacked twice for -12 yards. He was dinged up on once while trying to evade pressure and stood on the sidelines during the second half.

“We ended up wanting to play both of them in the first half, which we did,” Swoopes said. “In the second half when it got to 17-3 and then 24-3 we just felt like Tyrone would do a better job of getting us back in the game.”

This competition is apparently nothing new to Swoopes, who seems none too concerned about the possibility of being passed over by Heard.

“I feel like there’s a competition every week,” he said. “I just go in and practice like I do every week.”

When he was asked why he should remain the starter, Swoopes said, “I feel like that’s up to them. They obviously see something in me they like, whatever it is.”

He better hope whatever it is shines through in practices this week or the Longhorns could choose to go with Heard, and never look back.

Texas is 0-3 in his last three starts while being outscored 117-20. Again, definitely not all his fault but he has to shoulder some of the blame. He might not have too many more opportunities to alleviate some of that pressure as tension mounts throughout the program, and more than just himself are in danger of losing their positions on this team.

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