Updates from Charlie Strong's Presser

Here are updates from Charlie Strong's post-game press conference

I will post live notes from Charlie Strong's post game press conference. It should start shortly.

  • Strong said this is a game where if you get knocked down, you have to pick yourself up. Two straight weeks where Texas had the game in its hands but let it go. "We just have to learn how to finish."

  • On unsportsmanlike penalty call: "It's surprising. The play before, we go thte interference call. The very next play we get a defensive holding call on a run play. I have never heard of that ever." Strong told the officials that he has never heard of a defensive holding call on a run play, which is what got him flagged. He was not happy with himself for getting flagged. He said he has to control his emotions and cannot allow that to happen again.

  • "We had opportunities on offense and we just didn't get anything done."

  • Losing Perkins really hurt because he is able to "block the edge." His replacement did not do very well with that task. Strong is not sure how long it will take for Perkins to return from his undisclosed knee injury.

  • "I would love to see some of those penalties. We were getting all of the holding calls. But we have to be a better football team."

  • Strong said the team is not going to give up. There are going to be tough games but they have to move on. "We have put ourselves in these bad situations."

  • Strong was pleased with the defensive turnovers. He did think Texas recovered the fumble that Holton Hill forced in the 3rd quarter.

  • Strong said he is very concerned right now. He hasn't had the chance to really think about it because he has to focus on getting a win right now.

  • "It's all about making plays." Strong said the offense needed to get first downs and burn clock in the 4th but did not do its job. "We have to create those plays. We have to do it. It's all about these guys stepping up and making plays."

  • Strong was pleased that the defense made stops and got turnovers after not playing well for the last three weeks.


MY THOUGHTS: It was very clear that Strong was upset in post game. He was short in his answers and did not take many questions, most likely because he was not in the mood to discuss this heart-breaking loss. (And that is understandable.)

A lot of talk will be about the poor officiating, and it is completely justified, but Texas needs to learn to finish and cannot beat itself anymore. Special teams should not cost teams games, but it has for two consecutive weeks.

I hate to say this, but this is a do-or-die time for Texas. The Longhorns have to leave the first third of the season in the past and be ready to turn it around.

Can it happen? Absolutely, but it is going to take a lot of effort, heart and a will from the team to change this losing streak, and create its own destiny.

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