New Wrinkles Coming?

We've got some insight on how the Longhorns might change things up offensively moving forward.

When the line play breaks down you try and do thing to overcome the shortcomings of the guys up front.  In pass protection if you go back and watch the film, at times even on three step drops Heard was forced to move or leave the pocket.  A natural reaction to this is to leave the backs in to block to give him help.  At the same time it also allows the linebackers to squat and stay right where they are.  I look for Texas to “spread” the field a little bit and try and open up some lanes for Heard.  

This will mean sending the backs out into the flats and not keeping them in to help with pass protection.   I would not be surprised to see more timing type routes and quick slants.  If its not there dump it to your back and move on to the next play.

I think the staff is between a rock and a hard place right now with wanting to keep guys in to help with pass protection but once you do the play book becomes EVEN smaller than it already is.  On Saturday don’t watch Heard or the football but keep your eyes on the OL for one or two series only and you will understand how much of a problem this is.  

Anytime any defender “flashes” in front of the OL face they are in trouble.  I am talking about any twists, turns or stunts.  They do an ok job of blocking guys in front of them for the most part but if anyone flashes they are lost in a hurry and that spells trouble.


These other coaches are also getting paid and they are seeing on film what the Texas coaches already know.  I look for Texas to show up with new wrinkles and formations they have not shown before but with OL troubles options are somewhat limited. 

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