Two Texas targets give their thoughts on whether or not UT's next two games are must-wins as far as how it could impact their interest

Longhorns targets Dontavious Jackson and Jamal Pettigrew weigh in on just how important Texas' next two games are, and what kind of impact it could have on their interest in Charlie Strong's program.

So I posed this question to four-star linebacker Dontavious Jackson and four-star LSU tight end commitment Jamal Pettigrew: Texas plays TCU and Oklahoma the next two weeks. How important are these two games for the Longhorns in terms of how it might impact how you view them? Do they need to win one of them? Both? What happens if Texas loses both?

Texas began the week as an 18.5-point underdog for Saturday's game against TCU, and they'll be an underdog next week against Oklahoma as well. Lose both and the Longhorns will be 1-5 when they come back home to face Kansas State on Oct. 24. That's not good. 

So, Jackson, what say you?

"Doesn't matter about the wins. I understand that they are rebuilding and playing two great teams," he said. "I want to see the fight in the players and the passion."

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Pettigrew, who visited Texas over the summer, shared Jackson's sentiments.

"It doesn't matter if they win or lose," he said. "I look at how they use the TE's and how well the coaches coach."

The No. 9 TE in the country, Pettigrew said that, without question, the Longhorns are still in the hunt for his ultimate commitment. His verbal pledge LSU still stands but he's never wavered on his interest in Texas. It's legit. He's just waiting things out right now. 

Pettigrew doesn't have any visits lined up right now but Texas should not rule out the possibility of a return visit.

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