For the second straight week a Texas player spent Monday calling out a teammate. Only today, there were responses made on social media

Starting safety Dylan Haines did not hold back when talking about some of the younger players on the team.

For the second straight week a Longhorn spent their portion of Monday’s press conference not holding back when it came to their teammates.

Last week starting left guard Sedrick Flowers called out Marcus Hutchins for not being ready when he had to replace starting right tackle Kent Perkins against Oklahoma State.

On Monday, starting safety Dylan Haines didn’t call out anyone by name but he did allude to some deep issues within the program, which is currently sitting at 1-4 after a 50-7 drubbing by TCU and has undefeated Oklahoma this week.

“I think people just need to step up and grow up,” said Haines, a former walk-on who earned a full scholarship last season. “I don’t want to get too detailed, I’m not going to mention any names but people just need to take things more seriously. They need to put in the extra work, the extra film. A lot of people just aren’t preparing the way we should be preparing. Some people aren’t taking the extra work and the extra steps to be where we want to be.”

Haines was one of several players who spoke in front of the team during a meeting Charlie Strong called when they got back to Austin from Fort Worth on Saturday.

He said players needed to put in the extra time to try to get things turned around.

“Extra film, extra preparation,” Haines said. “If you look at how we are playing, we are just making too many mistakes. I don’t think it has anything to do with the game plan. We just aren’t executing.”

Haines said that the defensive backs began to put in extra work after practice on Sunday, but that some players were hesitant to attend.

“If you don’t want to take part in the extra work, and we’ve had some people, and I’m not going to name names that are hesitant to take the extra work because it’s not required,” Haines said. “The coaches don’t know about it, it’s players only. So there’s no punishment if you don’t go. We are just trying to get everyone there now. Once we get everyone on the same page we will be on the right track. It’s mostly younger people because they don’t know the way of how you have to work at this level. We are just going to try to get them on board and finish this season out strong.”

Haines continued to say that “any freshmen on any team,” are going to want to do things their own way.

“But you have to understand at this level, everything that happens on Saturdays is a direct result of the work you put in during the week,” he said. “We just have to get that attitude throughout the whole team and get better.

“They just want to go out there and play. That’s with any freshmen at any college, you are recruited out of high school and you don’t have to watch film in high school if you are recruited at that level. You don’t have to put in extra work because you are just so gifted. So they just want to go out and play the game on Saturday. They don’t want to put in the work on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We are trying to get where everyone, 100 percent of the team, is going out there working as hard as they can and just stealing reps in practice. If you are on the sideline, take a mental rep. We have to do extra to get better as a team. We have to improve.”

This did not sit well with several of his teammates, which took to Twitter to voice their displeasure.

Freshman safety DeShon Elliott tweeted the following moments after media had tweeted out what Haines had to say:

Sophomore receiver Armanti Foreman tweeted several tweets around the same time:

Freshman DeAndre McNeal wrote an entire statement about everything that was going on:

Freshman defensive end Charles Omenihu, obviously frustrated, wrote the following tweet, which has since been deleted: “People get in front of cameras and just talk they heads off always remember think before you speak.”

Sophomore running back D’Onta Foreman hasn’t noticed the freshmen not working hard.

“I see Chris Warren and the other young running backs work hard everyday,” he said. “I see Kris Boyd, and Holton Hill, and Devante Davis work hard every day, and Breckyn Hager. There are a lot of freshmen that go out and work hard. So I don’t see where they don’t work hard.”

He said that all of this Twitter stuff was simply frustration and that it could be fixed.

“At the end of the day we are a team and I feel like we have great chemistry,” he said. “Anything that is said on Twitter can be resolved by having a conversation with one another. It’s nothing personal against anybody on the team.”

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