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Here's what Vance Bedford had to say about what punishment Kris Boyd would get for his retweet during halftime of the TCU game

Will the freshman cornerback get playing time taken away from him?

It appears as though any punishment Longhorns cornerback Kris Boyd was expecting to get for his retweet during halftime of Texas' blowout loss to TCU has already been handed out, and Texas' coaches didn't even have to discipline him. 

Longhorns defensive coordinator Vance Bedford said that the fallout and backlash that Boyd received from retweeting a Texas A&M fan was plenty enough punishment.

"You know the punishment he got? What he got from the press. Thats the punishment he got," Bedford said on Wednesday. "Because all of a sudden people were saying, 'He's not committed, he's not focused.' He's committed. He's focused. He's learning what to do. That's just it. He made a mistake. He's learning now, 'I can't do certain things.'

"That's all the punishment he needs, to be called out in the press and on social media. That's hurtful to him. And now he's learning. I said, 'You know what? You think all those people out there are your friends? In this day and age, on Twitter people will use you and spit you out. If things are going well, they're your buddy. If things aren't going well, you're like the piece of gum they're stepping on. So understand, know who your friends and family are, and be careful what you do on social media, and at my age, I have to do the same thing. I make a comment every once in a while. I just can't help myself."

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