Here's what Jay Norvell and Jerrod Heard had to say at their Tuesday press conference

The Longhorns will face Iowa State in Ames at 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Longhorns offensive play-caller Jay Norvell:

"Last 2 games were unusual games. Last week was what it was with the weather. I think we'll show improvement in the passing game. I'm not overly concerned with it. For us it's more about finding ways to win one game at a time." 

"We expect D'Onta [Foreman] to play. He's improving and we are confident he will play." 

"Stuff we did at end of game we had never practiced. We put it in at the beginning of the game. They did a great job at the end of the game." 

"Swoopes Package has certainly been a strength of ours. We are proud of that." 

"Biggest thing for us is confidence and we have a lot of confidence in [Swoopes package]."

"We are trying to instill confidence in our players that we can be effective when we are called upon." 

Way more effective passing on third down the last two games than before. 

"We've done a really good job of competing the last couple of weeks. We've run the ball better and protected the football. Being able to stay on the field on third downs." 

Norvell very pleased with the way they've held onto the ball [he knocked on wood while saying that].

"Alex De La Torre was fabulous on Saturday in the Swoopes Package."

"We'd like to use Chris Warren more." 

On Connor Williams: "He's extremely intelligent and extremely competitive. For him to play left tackle and us not worry about him is really rare."

When pro scouts come in they can't tell who are freshmen are on the offensive line. HUGE kudos to Williams and Patrick Vahe there. 

DeAndre [McNeal] is a young guy trying to make the team. He's improving and feeling more comfortable all the time. It's going to be big for him how he finishes up.

"Caleb Bluiett is really showing us what type of receiver he can be. The better we can run the football the more opportunity [the TEs] are going to have in the passing game."


Longhorns quarterback Jerrod Heard

"The weather was a big part of this last one. I got two off down field [laughs] so I was happy about that. We were very effective running the ball." 

"There are definitely going to be some big shots coming up with everyone thinking we are going to run first. It's going to be fun."

"Right now everyone is very confident." 

"I have receivers that are totally confident in me." 

"We have to keep the ball in our hands and drive down the field. In the Big 12 you can't make mistakes."

On Warren - "He's about as tall as me. He's a big, physical running back and gets down hill fast." 

Heard had high praise for Caleb Bluiett. "When you have a guy that can be focused in his work, that's a good thing."

On Swoopes: "He's still always in my ear. I always listen. He's a verysmart guy and helps me a lot when I'm out there. I still stay engaged with Swoopes."

Heard said he has no problem with Swoopes finishing off his drives because he knows Swoopes is going to score. 

"ISU is a good team. They have key players all around. It's definitely going to be a tight game."

"I don't worry about Connor at all. He knows his work. He can tell you his job and everyone else's job."

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