The HD crew gives its predictions for Texas' home game against Kansas on Saturday

The Longhorns and Jayhawks kick off at 7 p.m. at DKR



William Wilkerson,

Sadly, this Texas team seems to need to fall through a trap door in the floor to wake up instead of using a normal alarm clock.


I thought Texas would pound TCU between the tackles and have a chance for the upset. Instead, the Horns came out throwing and got drilled.


I thought the Horns would come out and pound Iowa State with their two-back set out of the shotgun with speed sweep motion and pull away. Instead, Texas abandoned its identity and produced an entire game that should have been on SportsCenter's Not Top 10.


So I'll venture to guess that the trap-door wakeup call last week means a fiery Texas team shows up Saturday against a Kansas team averaging a Big 12-low 16.5 points per game while giving up a Big 12-high 47.1 ppg.


Really, every week from here on out, I want to see Texas adding to the two-back set - counters, boots, play-action deep, wheel routes, etc. - while blitzing opponents like crazy because UT has the DBs to allow it.


Excited to see if coaches mean what they said this week about playing more younger players. Would love to see S DeShon Elliott, RB Kirk Johnson and WR Ryan Newsome for starters.


TEXAS 31, Kansas 6






William Wilkerson,

Well, I didn’t expect last week to happen… at all.


I had a strange feeling the closer and closer things got to kickoff. The team just didn’t seem inspired during warm-ups, were somewhat going through the motions. It was just out of sync.


Then, the Horns went out and got beat in every facet of the game against a more hungry, more inspired Iowa State team. So instead of going for their fourth straight victory, the Longhorns are looking to restart a streak against one of the worst teams in the country.


Kansas will play inspired. This coaching staff is legit and, if given the time, will turn things around in Lawrence. But UT should – should – have its way on Saturday.


If there was ever a game to try some things out, to get to feeling good about the passing game, to grow confidence in certain offensive formations, THIS IS IT.


If the Longhorns sit back and play this game vanilla just to get the W I think they’ll be hurting themselves. They’ve got to figure out a whole hell of a lot before they travel to Morgantown next week. This is the time to do it.


Throw deep balls early and often to John Burt, Armanti Foreman and Marcus Johnson.


Pound KU with the two-back set involving much more of Chris Warren.


Get Ryan Newsome a touch here or there and maybe find a way to get Kirk Johnson on offense. Both of their redshirts are long ago burnt so you might as well use them.


Texas 35, KU 10



USA Today

One word sums up the Longhorns loss to Iowa State: Embarrassing. There is no excuse for what happened in Ames, and Texas has to make up for the embarrassing loss Saturday against 0-8 Kansas.


There’s no reason for Texas to not destroy Kansas. None.


The Longhorns have to come out guns blazing and pummel the Jayhawks from start to finish in order to make up for what happened against the Cyclones.


I think Texas will get the job done Saturday, but after what was shown last week, I cannot predict a blowout win.

Texas 28 Kansas 17


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