Check out what Patrick Vahe and others had to say on Monday at Texas' press conference

Texas travels to West Virginia to take on the Mountaineers at 11 a.m. on Saturday.

[Updated: 12:23 p.m.]

Got to talk with Patrick Vahe for the first time at a presser today. He was excellent. 

Vahe said that the team has to play with a different type of aggressiveness in practice this week, and that he thinks they will. 

He came from a winning program at Euless Trinity so he wasn't sure how to take all of these loses this season. It doesn't get any easier. 

Says that everyone wants to do the Haka. Said that Tank Jackson is the best at it and Sedrick Flowers is the worst. 

Calls himself a "work in progress." Earned starting spot by showing up to meetings earlier than everyone doing the small things.

His best game was OU and his worst was Notre Dame. 

On nerves before ND: "I had eagles in my stomach. Not butterfles, eagles."

Believes the image of Texas players being soft has changed. Said a player after the Rice game came up to him and asked if he was a freshman. Rice player was shocked when Vahe said he was. 

Says Connor Williams grades out the best on the offensive line. "Everyone has Bs and then there's Connor with his A [Vahe said in a funny way]. I get jealous sometime."

Vahe washes his hair twice a day and brushes it three times a day. 




Doyle, like other players, continues to preach how big this game is for UT. 

He said that obviously the team wants to go to a bowl but that the focus right now, today, this week, is to win on Saturday. 

Was pleased with the way that Tristan Nickelson and Kent Perkins played on Saturday, both starting at new positions. 




I asked Desmond Jackson why the Longhorns have struggled so much on the road. He said, “Guys haven’t gotten accustomed to being on the road. You have to rely on the guys on your left and right and the only people that matter are your teammates. Nobody else really cares about you other than your coaches and teammates when you’re on the road.

“Sometimes when you’re on the road, guys look at it as a vacation because you’re on different ground and playing at a different site. That shouldn’t be the case. When you’re on the road, you have one job and that’s to take care of the job you have on the field.”

Jackson believes the team needs to focus more on their assignments and not allow for distractions, especially when it is going to a hostile environment like Morgantown, WV.

The Longhorns did not have the right mindset when going into Iowa State, according to Jackson. “I think guys didn’t go in there with the right mindset they needed to have. The team was struggling and guys got complacent. 

“You have to be prepared for anybody. When we play a team, we get their best at all times and the same will be true this weekend. You have to be prepared for that and have the right mindset.”

Jackson said the Longhorns are not focused on making a bowl game because they need to take it one game at a time.

“I don’t really talk about making it to a bowl game. That’s not my mindset right now. I’m focused on the games we have coming up and being prepared to play West Virginia.”


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