Here's what Texas offensive play-caller Jay Norvell had to say at his press conference on Tuesday

Norvell doesn't want Texas to be tentative against West Virginia.

Jay Norvell on the offense as it prepares for Saturday's 11 am game at West Virginia:

"Confidence is a fickle thing. And we need to build on that for this week. It's going to be a huge challenge going to Morgantown to face a physical team that plays a 3-3-stack. It's a little bit of a unique scheme defensively. They've got a bunch of guys on defense who have played a lot of Big 12 football."


On D'Onta Foreman's 93-yard TD run vs Kansas:

"D'Onta showed you his ability to run inside and to run outside. He's a big man. He's nearly 250 pounds, and for him to take that stretch play like that and then hit the seam and turn on the after burners was very impressive. That's what we were missing the previous week (at Iowa State).

"We were lacking that open-field runner capable of making big plays. And that's going to be important this week. We're going to have to run the ball on this team. It's going to be a challenge. They stack three linebackers in the box and show an eight-man front. We've played odd front teams in Oklahoma and Iowa State. But West Virginia is a little different.

"So you have to be really sharp up front with your line combinations and get off on blocks. It's a real challenge. It's a physical environment. It's a tough, east coast environment. Our kids have got to respond. We don't have many kids who have played there. I think Johnathan Gray is one of the only ones."


On having an aggressive game plan and mindset:

"We don't want to be tentative or wait and see what happens, and I think we've done that on the road. We've gone out there and maybe a guy hoped someone else would make a play. We have to be confident that each one of us is capable of going out and making the play that needs to be made and be anxious to do that. 

"When we played the Oklahoma game, we had a bunch of guys ready and willing to make plays. That wasn't a true road game, but we need that kind of mentality."


On RB Kirk Johnson and WR Ryan Newsome:

"Kirk practices extremely hard every day. For a freshman, he's very confident. He's a guy who stands out every single day.

"Ryan Newsome is a very mature freshman who handles his opportunities very well. He shows a lot of football knowledge and savvy. He's a guy we have confidence that if we put him in a tough situation, he's going to know what to do.

"I think both of those guys gave us more confidence as coaches that they can play and perform in critical situations. I'm excited about both of those guys. We had more and more young players who got a chance to play. This will be another big step, playing in an environment like West Virginia. When you can play in an environment like this one, you can play anywhere. So it's a real good learning experience for our guys."


On rotating more guys in on the OL:

"Jake (Raulerson) has been coming on. We've wanted to play him more. Wick has been pleased with the way Raulerson has practiced. This last three games is important for our seniors, but it's really important for our young players in gaining experience and confidence going into the spring, because they are the ones who are going to have to carry the load going forward. Raulerson is a great example of that."


On Patrick Vahe:

"Boy, he's one of my favorite guys - just his competitive nature. He's physical.  He plays with a great base. He plays with a great, competitive spirit. He loves the game. If you watch the end of plays, he's usually wearing his guy out to the whistle with the hair flying and everything else.

"That's what's exciting - him and Connor (Williams) have great passion for the game. The mistakes that they make, they overcome them by playing so hard. And so Patrick and Connor are going to be great leaders. You know you got something when you've got good, young offensive linemen with maturity and leadership skills.

"That's the backbone of your football team. And those guys have a chance to be captains, because of the personalities they have."


On getting Jerrod Heard "involved early" on the road:

"Jerrod is like most quarterbacks. It helps when you start fast. Jerrod's an athlete. When he's running around, and he's moving, he gets into the game. That's always something that we're conscious of - whether it's sprinting him out or running him early.

"He gains confidence from being physically involved in the game. That's always been his personality, so we'll try to build that as we go in the game plan and starting him fast. Whether it's a run or completing a pass or a scramble, those are all things that get his juices flowing. So we're going to have to create that.

"And he's got to realize he's not playing by himself. He's got 10 other teammates who all have a job to do. If he understands that and just focuses on his job, he'll respond a lot better."

"Our team will follow him and his performance, if he does that. He's such a great sparkplug for our team. The types of plays that he can make, they really juice our team up, like the first play this last week with the deep pass. And he has a chance to do that with his feet as well. He doesn't really have to say much to be a positive influence on our team. He just has to focus in on playing well."


On Saturday's 11 am kick:

"Very excited about it. I love Morgantown, but I really don't want to spend a whole day there."

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