Here's what Jerrod Heard had to say at his Tuesday press conference

Heard discusses why Texas has had trouble on the road and much more.

Jerrod Heard on if he has something to prove after getting benched in two of Texas' three true road games (at TCU and at Iowa State)?

"The outcome is going to be how I perform, so I definitely have high expectations for myself in how I compete in away games. That's going to be my challenge, and I'm all for it."


Why should recruits come to Texas?

"I just tell them, 'How many rings do you like?' I tell them, 'If you like a lot of rings, you ought to come here.'"


Are Texas' bowl chances resting on how much progress can be made in the passing game?

"I wouldn't say that. We proved when we played some big teams like Oklahoma, we really didn't pass a lot. So I mean we can beat a team on the ground, just going at their throats the whole game. But definitely, you have to get the ball in the air just to make the game balanced and to keep the defense on their toes."


What progress has Texas made since September?

"It's a lot of up and down fights. I think that's what's making us tough right now - the up-and-down battles we've had and what we've had to overcome. It's still hard to overcome that feeling of being shutout. You lose a little bit of confidence and you're not sure. We just have to fight and find ourselves and get that confidence back and keep fighting."


What's the focus been like in practice?

 "It's definitely more serious. Everyone's just ready to execute. There's not a lot of playing games out there. It's very focused. Everyone has a job they want to take care of."


On freshman WR Ryan Newsome finally getting some offensive snaps:

"He's like a little fireball ready to explode. He caught those two passes and he was screaming and yelling. We were like, 'Newsome needs to calm down.' But that's who he is. He's a great kid. And he balls out when he's on the field and gets his chances."


On D'Onta Foreman's speed on his 93-yard TD run:

"I always knew about D'Onta's speed. When I first got here, I always thought I could beat him in a run. But, no, his speed is very deceiving when you look at him.

"He has a quick twitch and he can beat you outside. When you've got a tailback that can run you over and also beat you around the corner, it's hard to come across a guy like that and face up and tackle him.  His speed is unreal for his size, and we enjoy watching him run."


On his connection with deep threat John Burt, who caught an 84-yard TD pass from Heard vs Kansas:

"I hear he was one of the fastest hurdlers in Florida. So when you have a guy with that kind of size and speed, it's hard to mess it up and not give him a chance to run under that deep ball."

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