Texas Recruiting Mailbag 11-18-15

Charlie Strong and the Texas Longhorns have added three key pieces to the 2016 recruiting class. With commitments from Denzel Okafor, Andrew Fitzgerald and Malcolm Roach, the class has reached double digits with 11 members.

The Longhorn Nation can expect roughly 25 commitments in the 2016 recruiting class.  Each week I will answer questions you provide.


Recruiting Mailbag 11-18-15




What else can we expect to see on the recruiting trail during the bye week?  Maybe a few of the staff at some playoff games this weekend?


Texas has a few things they are discussing.  Texas fans could see some coaches out on the road during the later part of the week and possibly at some games.  Nothing is set in stone today, and the most crucial trips were made yesterday with visits to check on offensive linemen Jean Delance, defensive backs Donnie Corley, junior and Lavert Hill as well as linebacker David Reese.




What is the status of Shane's EE?


His status has not changed from what he and I have discussed


Who is our biggest comp for Shane?




Who else besides Demarco and C Johnson are EEs?


David Reese is a mid-year guy as well as Zach Shackelford I believe.


What do you think Texas does extremely well in recruiting?


Build upon the most important element in recruiting, relationships.




As of today, who do you think leads for Brandon Jones, Dee Anderson, Jordan Elliott, Delance, Whaley, D Jackson, McCullough, and Porter?


I believe Texas is the team to beat [Today] for Jordan Elliott, Jean Delance, Devway Whaley, Dontavious Jackson and Jeffrey McCullouch.  Things are in constant motion with both Brandon Jones and Deontay Anderson.  Even though you did not ask about Deontay.  If Texas has room for Dee I believe they would take him.  I do believe the situations are about to change with some on this list however so we will see what happens moving forward.




How many hidden offers are you sitting on??


“Straight Offers,” very few.  The thing people should understand is just because Texas pulls the trigger on offering a kid today doesn’t not mean they have not had meaningful conversations with the decision makers before the offer.  In some situations, [Not All] Texas knows the outcome of certain offers to certain kids.  They also do not want to offer kids that will not visit.  Again, just because fans are not reading about certain things does not mean they are not taking place behind the scenes. 




Why has Texas not offered WR Kofi Boateng? Do they have higher receivers up the list? Kofi and Shane would make a great tandem and could help Shane get comfortable if he is our starting guy in the near future. Thanks and as always Hook'em!


Texas is very deep at the wide receiver board at this time.  Even with Tren’Davian Dickson opting out Texas is in great shape right now with skilled wide receivers.  It’s nothing against Kofi because I like what he brings to the table, but I think it will be difficult for Texas to move in this direction with things they have going on at this position. 

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