Here's a look at the 20 recruits HD's Jason Higdon thinks will most likely end up at UT

I was going to save this for HD Only this week but with the holidays I wanted to put it out there early.

Yes, I am aware that anytime I do something like this people are going to try and hold me accountable and that is perfectly fine with me.  It comes with the territory.  I usually wait until the season is over before I put a list like this out but I see no sense in waiting.  This is not 100% my mock class this is more of a Most Likley list on NSD.  I do take into account some forecasting/predicting on my part based off everything I know as of today.  One thing to remember is things change quickly in recruiting so just please keep that in mind.  With that said these are the players I feel good about.  Oh, I am only going to 20, I cant give it all away lol What fun would that be. 

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Four-star OT Jean Delance

1 Malcolm  Roach DE LA
2 Obi Eboh CB Texas
3 Peyton Aucoin TE LA
4 Gerald Wilbon DT LA
5 Tope Imade OL Texas
6 Shane Buechele QB Texas
7 Demarco Boyd LB Texas
8 Reggie  Hemphill WR Texas
9 Collin Johnson WR CA
10 Andrew Fitzgerald DE Texas
11 Denzel Okafor OL Texas
12 Davion Curtis WR Texas
13 Jean Delance OL Texas
14 Devway Whaley RB Texas
15 Lil'Jordan Humphrey WR Texas
16 Dontavious Jackson ILB Texas 
17 Zach Shackelford OL Texas
18 Jordan Elliott DT Texas
19 Jamal Pettigrew TE LA
20 Jeffrey McCulloch LB Texas

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