The HD staff gives their predictions on the Longhorns season-ending game at Baylor on Saturday morning.

Kickoff is at 11 a.m.

Chip Brown

I'll keep this brief. I'd love to think this team has one more stand in them against a team that's been paddling them lately and favored to beat the Horns by three TDs with its third-string QB.

But without Peter Jinkens and Malik Jefferson - UT's top 2 tacklers - and all the distractions of post-season changes looming ...

Baylor 45, Texas 24


USA Today

Taylor Gaspar

I don't know what to think about the Longhorns game against Baylor. 

Baylor quarterback Chris Johnson did not have an impressive showing in his first career-start against TCU, completing just 7-of-24 passes for 62 yards. However, Mother Nature did nothing to help the third-string QB. Who Johnson can be is yet to be determined, but if history has taught college football anything, it's to never count out quarterbacks in Art Briles' offense.

Even though Baylor is on its third-string quarterback, this is not a game Texas fans should expect to win. The Longhorns are beaten up right now, will face the nation's best offense on the road and are out of the postseason mix. 

Since Texas' bowl hopes are out the window, I would like to see some young bucks (who already have burned their redshirts) get some action against the Bears, specifically, defensive backs. An inexperienced secondary is outmatched when compared to Baylor's wide receiver corps. However, if some of the young DBs can make plays against some of the nation's best receivers, then Texas fans should be content.

Overall this game could end in a blow out not in the Longhorns’ favor, but I am going to say the team will not roll over and be competitive against Baylor.

Baylor 35 Texas 24


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William Wilkerson

This game is about the Ryan Newsome's of the world. I want to see him involved heavily. 

This game is about Breckyn Hager and Anthony Wheeler. I think Hager is going to be put in some tough positions defending the pass, but ultimately I believe he is going to shine against the team he was once committed to and set himself up for a huge sophomore season. 

This game is about Chris Warren and proving to people that his game on Thanksgiving wasn't just due to the fact that he was facing that horrid Tech run defense. Minimal success should be expected against BU's stout run defense. But I think Warren will have his moments. UT should be excited about the backfield next season. 

This game is about John Burt. I'm not saying he's on Corey Coleman's level. He's not. Not yet. But Texas should treat him like it on Saturday. Give the young fella a chance to make the big plays that Texas will need in order to stay in this one. 

This game is about Charles Omenihu and Derick Roberson. I think Omenihu has had the better season but there is still so much to be desired from these two. End the season on a high note. 

This game is about Jeff Traylor. I hope his fingerprints are all over the offensive game plan. 

This game is about Holton Hill and Davante Davis. The stage is yours young bucks. Let's see what you got against the most talented WR group in the world. 

This game is about Deshon Elliott - even though I doubt we see him all that much on defense - and the play-making abilities he's shown at times this season. Let him prove his worth. 

This game is about Charlie Strong. This game doesn't mean squadoosh in terms of UT going to a bowl. But damnit, have this team ready to play like this is to get into the CFB Playoffs. He'd better because Art Briles is not going to let up. And then, as soon as the game is over, go full-speed ahead with your staff changes. This needs to be done by next week. 

Texas will play tough but just won't have nearly enough to pull off the upset. The season is finally over - 




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