Chris Warren, Jay Norvell and Nick Rose with some interesting thoughts, comments after Texas' 23-17 win over Baylor

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RB Chris Warren III

When asked about his father's tweet in the fourth quarter that Texas DC Vance Bedford should be fired (as Baylor was piling up rushing yards with RBs Johnny Jefferson and Terrence Williams taking direct snaps out of The Wildcat) Texas freshman RB Chris Warren III said after the game:

"He speaks for himself. I have my own voice. If he wants to make a comment, that's cool. But I don't want people to take his word for mine. We're two separate minds. We say different things. We act differently. We’re two separate people.”



On what kind of statement Texas made with the 23-17 win at Baylor:

"That we're not just gum off somebody's shoe. We're still here We're still Texas. We can still play."



Texas offensive play caller Jay Norvell

On why the team was so inconsistent this season:

"The truth is we're a very immature team. We have to be more mature about the way we handle our business, by the way we practice, the consistency of practicing at a high level and taking your football seriously - to be quite honest with you.

"This team did it in spots. Didn't do it consistently. This team's gotta grow up. I think it can. I think we've got good, talented players. But our team's got to care about football every day and be committed to being good. It's work to be good.

"I think they are understanding that. But we still have a level of immaturity that has to change. It just simply has to change for this program to be the team that it can be. We've scratched the surface, but we're not there yet.

"The way we played against Oklahoma, the way we competed against this team - I know they were beat up, but still. The way we competed and executed - to get that every day and every week, no matter what opponent, at home or on the road, you've got to have a mature attitude. You've got to have a tough-minded attitude, and that comes from work and leadership and serious maturing."


On expectations at the QB position moving forward:

"The expectation is to execute and lead at a high level. We've done some good things and have a long way to go in some areas. We have to throw the ball more consistently and have to be accurate. We have to have exactness in the passing game. 

"That comes from accuracy, delivering the ball on time and that comes from guys getting open and making big plays.

"Confidence is built through accuracy and timing, and that's where we have to improve. We have to improve the timing of what we do when we throw the football. That comes from fundamentals, technique and anticipation. So, we have a long ways to go before we get there."

Needless to say Norvell said the offense is unsettled at QB.

"We need competition. That room will be different next year. And we need to show major, major improvement in those areas at quarterback to be the type of offense we can be."


On if he's willing to serve in any role Strong would offer him next season:

"We'll have those discussions, and that will all get worked out in time. It always does."




K Nick Rose had some very interesting comments on the up-and-down nature of UT's season:

"You had days like everyone wanted to quit and days where everyone wanted to show up. That was kind of the battle. We had a lot of  - people just weren't clicking when they needed to click. We had weird chemistry some days. 

"There was never a day where everybody was on the same side. It wasn't anything personal between anybody. But it was just mental errors across the ball and not wanting to give it their all."


Rose suggested the up-and-down nature was the product of meshing a lot of young talent with the veterans who were counted on this season and vehemently defended Charlie Strong for standing his ground in trying to make some players prioritize the team above all else.

"I think he deserves full credit for everything we were able to achieve today (vs Baylor)," Rose said. "He's a great guy and a great leader. He talked to us a little differently this week, and I think it worked a lot." 


Rose said this week Strong "used a different motivation" and was "a little more encouraging."

"He just wanted to send the seniors out with a win," Rose said. "I'd like to say it finally clicked with some of the young guys - that Coach Strong's message of our seniors were about to be done with football at Texas, maybe forever - maybe it clicked and maybe some guys decided to lock in and give a little extra.

"Maybe this was the game where they finally realized there is always someone else to play for. It's not always yourself. A lot of our freshmen have so much potential, and they don't really realize it's not like recruiting out of high school anymore, where it's all about them. Here, you're a football player for Texas.

"I'd like to say it clicked with them when Coach Strong said, 'This is the last time you're going to play with some of your friends, your teammates who are seniors. They're gone after this game, and what have you given them out of your tank this whole year?' And maybe it clicked with them this game that, 'Hey, maybe I can give some more.'" 




TE Caleb Bluiett

When asked what changes he'd like to see in the off-season:

"Just more guys with the will to win. A lot of guys have it. These young guys on our team who look up to me, I hope they see how much I love the game and it carries over to them."

On the mood of the team after the game:

"Because it's our last game and it's our seniors' last game, we're happy with the win. But we're still a little shaken up because we're not going to a bowl game. But we all have high hopes and see what we can do for the future."

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