Bomar a Standout at EA SPORTS Elite 11 QB Camp

After three workouts now, it's become very apparent that this is the deepest group of quarterbacks at any of the five EA SPORTS Elite 11 camps. In the past, one or two signal callers would clearly establish themselves as the best of the group and begin to separate themselves but not this year. At least eight of the 12 could make a claim as having the best overall camp, here is a closer look at all 12 quarterbacks.

We realized this was a deep group after the first practice. As we were going down the roster and evaluating each player, we would comment on what kind of day the quarterback had. "He had a top five day," we said about a player who had a particularly strong practice and looked to be one of the top five performers of the day. After going down the list, we realized we said that about eight guys that first day.

Here's a breakdown of all 12 quarterbacks after the first three days. Players are listed in alphabetical order:

Rhett Bomar - A great football player and could be the top player in the camp. Has all the tools- plus arm strength, very quick feet and throws a catchable ball. OU commit Bomar had a very strong 1st practice, dipped somewhat on Thursday and then bounced back and looked very good today. Has a college body right now and his ability to make plays with his feet or his arm should help him see action early in college. A great competitor who hates to lose and looks close to a can't miss kid.

John David Booty - Obviously came in with the most hype being the first player we can remember to skip his senior year of high school to enroll in college early. Has been hampered all week with severe shin splints but no one throws a prettier ball. His arm is strong but Booty doesn't try and throw the ball 100 MPH, he just completes passes. In the classroom during the chalk talk sessions is where he has really stood out and has such an edge over all the other quarterbacks in his ability to read defenses.

A.J. Bryant - Has a great release, one of the quickest in the camp and very good feet. Has a live arm and has gotten better every day. Is definitely a quarterback. We've heard the talk that Bryant is just an athlete playing quarterback but from what we've seen the past three days as well as on film, he's a very talented quarterback and deserves a shot at the position in college.

Anthony Morelli, has great touch on his passes, is one of the most accurate throwers in the camp and is a great athlete. On top of that, Freeman has done well in the classroom during chalk talks and is one of the most outgoing and fun loving players in the camp. He has great leadership skills and other players will want to follow him at the next level.

Brian Hildebrand - Started off a little slow on Wednesday but has looked better every day since. Doesn't have an overpowering arm but still gets it there and throws a great touch ball. Has a nice feel for the game, is smart and is very hard working. Hildebrand has made huge strides since his junior season and will continue to get better as he fills out more and gets bigger and stronger.

Nate Longshore - Has looked great all camp and takes a backseat to no one as a pure passer. His arm strength would rank in the top three of four of the camp and he's incredibly accurate, again, likely in the top three or four in that category. At 6-4, 235 pounds, Longshore is the biggest kid in the camp and his mobility will be questioned but he has made a lot of strides since his junior season and his drops and ability to make that first guy miss have improved quite a bit.

Anthony Morelli - Not even the college counselors throw with the kind of zip a Morelli and the amazing thing is he's so fluid when he throws and isn't trying to overthrow. He's just very gifted in that area and has looked as good as advertised on the field. His accuracy is as good as anyone's at the camp and although he'll never be Michael Vick, Morelli moves very well and can throw well running to his left or right. The one area that he has to really work on is his ability to read defenses. Physically, Morelli is off the charts but until he works just as hard in the classroom as on the field, he'll struggle. He's definitely making that commitment and has sought out the coaches after each chalk talk to go over the different coverage's and defenses he'll see in college.

Chase Patton - Patton is the one player that has struggled all week with his consistency. The first workout on Wednesday, he struggled with throwing a nice, tight ball and his arm strength was quite a bit down from the other quarterbacks as well. Tuesday was a little better but you can still tell Patton is pressing and as a result, his mechanics have suffered a bit. He looked good today throwing touch and fade passes but when he had to throw a route that required him to gun it in, he struggled. We're still hopeful Patton will rally the last two days, he's a great kid, works hard and knows how to play the position.

Bobby Reid - Was solid in day one, spectacular in day two and three and is as good a prospect as anyone at the camp. Has great size and arm strength, is smart, very athletic and has a certain charisma about him that makes you believe he'll be a great college player. If you wanted to nitpick, Reid still has some mechanical flaws in some of his throws but works hard and has corrected many of them on his own. Has shown more improvement from the first workout to today's than any other camper and has been a pleasure for everyone to be around because of his funny, outgoing personality.

Matt Tuiasosopo - An incredible talent and another one of those players who could make a strong case for having the best camp showing. The amazing thing is Tui has only played one year of quarterback (his junior year) and in that year, played in just four games, not to mention it's an option offense he plays in. He has great mechanics, throws a nice ball although he may not spin it every time, can make all the throws and most importantly, is behind only Booty in his understanding of the different defensive schemes he has been seeing. Has done a great job in the chalk talks and won today's quarterback competition over Bomar, which included the college counselors, in a drill that asked the quarterbacks to make the right read with about three or four different defenses thrown at them. If you made the wrong read, you were out and Tui was the last man standing.

Drew Weatherford - Not to sound redundant, but another kid who has had a great camp. His arm strength is in the top five of the camp and he has been on the money every day. Started off with a bang on Monday and hasn't slowed down yet. Makes the right reads, and always seems to know where he's going with ball. Weatherford looks physically healthy and that has made a huge difference from when we saw him at the Nike Camp in Florida in April. Off the field, along with Freeman, Weatherford has the most personality of the group and has a great sense of humor. It can't be understated enough, to be a great leader at the position, you have to have the respect of your teammate and Weatherford is a winner and will have no problem getting his team to follow him.

After today's practice, all the players, coaches and counselors hit Laguna Beach for some fun in the sun as well as some serious hoops. Well, maybe not that serious, nothing this group does off the football field is ever that serious. Tonight, the quarterbacks will also take part in the EA SPORTS video game competition featuring the just released 2004 edition. We'll have a recap of who has game on the basketball court as well as who won the video game competition later tonight or sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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