Charlie Strong officially introduced Sterlin Gilbert and Matt Mattox at a press conference on Monday

Gilbert, Texas' offensive coordinator and QB coach, and Mattox, UT's run-game coordinator and offensive line coach, are both eager to get to work in Austin.

William Wilkerson,

Notes via HD's Taylor Gaspar:

Charlie Strong introduced Sterling Gilbert and Matt Mattox to the media for the first time Monday afternoon. Here's what you need to know. 

  • Charlie Strong he has evaluated the way the season went and how he is disappointed with the outcome. It isn't about the offense, defense or special teams, it's all about team chemistry as a coaching staff, which led to the changes on the staff.

  • Strong refers to Gilbert and Mattox as "unbelievable coaches." He likes that Gilbert has a past coaching at the high school level in the state.

  • Gilbert said he is very excited to be a coach at Texas and is ready to get things rolling here.

  • Gilbert's background is in coaching uptempo offense, coaching quarterbacks and has ties with high school coaches in the state of Texas, which is why Coach Strong chose him to take over the offense.

  • The recruiting dead period begins today, so now is the time for Gilbert and Mattox to start evaluating the offensive players and how to fit the pieces together.

  • Gilbert said the No. 1 piece to start the puzzle is with Matt Mattox. The two coaches have been together a long time. "Our feet are on the ground, now it's time to go to work."

  • There were several people who Gilbert leaned on as a mentor in his decision making process. The first guy was Art Briles. "We were in the middle of recruiting (at Tulsa), he (Briles) was in the middle of recruiting, and there was never a time that he didn't answer my call."

  • Bringing Mattox along with him played a role in Gilbert's decision. He said it wasn't necessarily a package deal, but it was a factor.

  • Gilbert says it's all about progression when it comes to taking over an offense with new players. He will use the spring to evaluate how guys play, how they lift, how they can utilize them, then the coaches will begin the offensive install portion of the process.

  • Gilbert said being a coach at Texas is a great opportunity. "It's THE University of Texas and that's why I am here today."

  • Gilbert's major offensive philosophies: Fast, physical, have fun and score points.

  • Gilbert describes his offense as uptempo, based out of the spread but also running the football. He claims it is a balanced attack, and what they did at Tulsa was more balanced than what people usually know. He is excited about the running backs on the Texas roster right now and is ready to see what they can do with those players.

  • Gilbert joked that this will be the fourth time installing his offense, so he "has it down."

  • Gilbert did not have a chance to see Texas this year since he was coaching on Saturday.

  • When asked if he is opposed to starting a true freshman or JUCO QB, Gilbert said, "We're going to play the best guy, whoever it is."

  • Gilbert had a rave review on Jeff Traylor calling him an unbelievable coach. He said Traylor's experience in coaching high school football is so big because he has great relationship's with the coaches in the state.

  • Mattox said the No. 1 priority is to be a physical running team. He is excited about the guys he has on campus and is ready to get these running backs going.

  • Mattox: "We're going to coach them (players) hard, but we're going to love them hard too."

  • Mattox wants offensive linemen who are big, physical and guys who are going to be ready to keep moving forward without having to be pushed.

  • Mattox said running the ball is what makes defensive coordinators break down most. My thoughts: His experience coaching OL will be huge as the run game coordinator.

  • Mattox had a scheme they once referred to as "Mama." The general reason behind it is when people are hurting, they call mama, so that's how they want the opposing defenses to feel.

  • Mattox and Gilbert spent time at Houston as broke, graduate assistants. Everything they did, they did it together and that still hasn't changed.

  • Hearing what Coach Strong said about the program and the players Texas has coming back, how Strong has the support he needs from the administration, the coaches being able to have their families around the program and it being the University of Texas were big factors for Mattox and his decision to come to Texas.

  • Mattox's "push them hard but love them hard" mentality is the best way to describe his coaching style. He said they aren't going to break them down because that doesn't work. Instead, they will push the players to be the best.


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