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1. How does Jeff Traylor interviewing for other programs have an immediate effect on recruiting?

I think it makes people mad – in regards to recruits. The reason is simple. You can’t tell a kid or family you would never leave or have intentions to leave and then in less than a year give the appearance you are leaving. If you walk into your dream job straight from high school, and you jump after one year It could set a bad precedent. Fast track is not always the best track. Right now, all of this is simply talk. When/if he sticks with the interview, we will see what unfolds.

2. IF YOU HAD to pick one player that will decommit from our current commits who would it be? I know it doesn't necessarily mean that they will and quite honestly a lot of them seem very solid to us.

I would not pick one player. It creates nothing but pitchforks and high drama. I just don’t think it's fair to say that about the commitments right now just for the sake of saying it. If time were to come where I felt/believed/heard one would bounce then at that time I would be obligated to tell the board, but I don’t think I am at that point right now.

3. How important is Jeff Traylor to recruiting? If we lose him, do we lose recruits who have verbally committed?

I think Jeff Traylor is a great recruiter and a great coach. He has the most powerful brand in America on his chest as he walks into a high school or a kids home. All he has ever known is recruiting with the Texas logo on his shirt. Once that goes away, things will become much more difficult for him. If he were to leave for Missouri or some other program for money/title that’s a decision he needs to make for he and his family. Slow and steady wins the race in my opinion when it comes to things like this.

Is Chad Morris being mentioned for any of the 25 job openings this cycle? It doesn't seem like anyone is thinking about him at this time –or that is the perception I have behind the scenes after talking to some in the inner circle of the coaching hires/fires. I wonder how many jobs Chad Morris could have picked from had he stayed ONE MORE YEAR at Clemson. Think about that for a second? One more season, playing for a National Title and you have your hand picked job possibly. Now, in my opinion, I bet the two CO-OC’s at Clemson currently, one of them lands a bigger job than Morris will because he bounced for a job he should have left alone.

4. What recruit or recruits did you add to your mock class that made you believe Texas could finish with a top 5 class and why the change?

I have said/maintained top 10 class and still sticking with that today. Top five would be everything unfolding a certain way. That includes on the recruiting trail and coaching trail, everything falling the way of the Longhorns. Few new players fans aren’t talking about at this time. Let's look at just a few names left on the board.

Jeffrey McCulloch, Dontavious Jackson, Chris Brown, Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Brandon Jones, Deontay Anderson, David Reese, Mike Williams, Jordan Elliott, Marcel Southall, Kyle Porter, Devwah Whaley, Patrick Hudson, Jean Delance, Jamal Pettigrew, D’Andre Christmas-Giles and Eric Cuffee to name a few.

5. Should we be worried about Jean Delance and how does the rest of the OL board look? JP, Shackleford and Hudson?

I am not worried about the OL recruiting. That’s just me. I do not want to convince you to feel the same way as I. I tell everyone stick to his/hers guns don’t jump on board with me. I said last year IF a time ever comes where you feel good about rolling with me and what I feel then so be it but until then go with your gut, my friend. Texas is not going to land or hit on everyone they want, but they have enough players on the board with mutual Interest to land a top ten class in my mind. I like JP, Zach and Hudson IMO will visit Texas for an OV, and we go from there. I think things are good with J. Delance.


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