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We normally release Part 1 of 2 on Wednesday afternoon, but we've decided to get this out a bit earlier for you this Christmas Week!

I wanted to narrow things down a bit as we inch closer to NSD. Texas is still sitting with 12 verbal commitments for this cycle. I expect to see the class size to be at or around 25 on NSD with the possibility of the class being a tad larger.

The X-Factor:

The truth of the matter is there is more than one factor that could increase or diminish where this class ranks. One thing to keep in mind is with new coaches comes new possibilities. For example, the new guys may favor a particular RB over another or a WR more than the ones they have on board. I am not suggesting that is the case AT ALL just using that as an example so everyone understands a small shifting of the guard could take place. I am only bringing this up as a possibility, not suggesting it will happen but certainly something to think about moving forward.

Recruiting is never as easy at it seems, and I think we can all agree on that fact. Some kids, say, Jordan Elliott, for example, gives the perception he is all in with Texas only to up and pull the trigger to another school. No one really and truly felt he would end up anywhere other than Texas, but yet, he announces once again for a team not named Texas. When other kids give off the perception they are leaning elsewhere [Brandon Jones or Jean Delance] everyone assumes they are telling the truth and perception is the reality. As a recruiting fan, I don’t believe you can have it both ways. At the end of the day, no two recruiting situations are the same, not even close.

People keep telling me I am the only person who believes Texas will ink a top 10 class. I hope it stays that way until the end. Stick to your guns I always say and we will sort everything else out on NSD. I hope that in a few weeks you don’t see other people start to change their opinion on where this class will end up being ranked. I hope when some higher ranked kids start announcing publicly for Texas I don’t see others in the industry change their tune.

I have debated over doing a Top 25 or a Sweet 16 and for now, I am going to go with my Top 20 to leave a little bit to the imagination. This is in no particular order, just my Top 20 recruiting board.

Jean Delance
Eric Cuffee
Irvin Smith
Jeffrey McCulloch
Brandon Jones
Zach Shackelford
Lil’Jordan Humphrey
Devway Whaley
Erik Fowler
JP Urquidez
Dontavious Jackson
Patrick Hudson
D’Andre Christmas Giles
Kyle Porter
Mike Williams
Mark Jackson
Deontay Anderson
Marcel Southall
Jordan Elliott
Chris Brown


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