There's no doubt 2015 will be remembered by Longhorns' fans - at times - for all the wrong reasons. But there were some good reasons to remember 2015 - we think - so here the HD Year-End Awards (Yes, we know everyone does them, but there's a reason - because they're just too fun to hand out).

Hey, Merry Christmas to the HD family! Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

A few Year-End Awards to get us started:


* The "Pull Up A Bar Stool Among Friends Award" ... to all of you - our HD family 

You all are the reason we now have thousands of members here making sure HD doesn't become just another social media dumping ground.


Special thanks to SMTX65, who helps us so much, and to ChrisGB00, whose "HD's Today On Twitter" post every day is a MUST-READ and can be/should be contributed to by any and all HD members when they see a tweet the rest of the HD family would be interested in!


* The "Patience, Other Shoe, Big Thing, Sweet 16 (Do You Speak Higdonese?) Award" ... To our man Higs!

You gotta give it to Higs - he speaks his own language when it comes to making posts - and sometimes, gramatically, we can tell where one sentence ends in that post and another one begins (which adds to the mystery of the actual meaning of the post)!


* The "Give That Man A Hug ... And A Shot Of His Choice Award" ... to HookemH and badexcuse

Hey, there's an art to the way they post!


* The "Gary Patterson Offensive Transformation Award" ... to Charlie Strong

Hey, who needs Sonny Cumbie when you get the up-tempo power spread of Sterlin Gilbert and the G-Force Offense?!?!? (Now, can the G-Force take Texas from 26.4 points per game to 40-plus ppg the way Patterson's decision to abandon a pro-style offense for the up-tempo spread did in going from 25.1 ppg (in  2013) to 46.5 ppg (in 2014). Speaking of Gilbert ...


* The "I've Always Wanted To See Tulsa At Christmas Time Award" ... to UT prez Greg Fenves and AD Mike Perrin

Mission accomplished ... thank Gawd ... or the embarrassment would have reached University of Michigan-end-of-game-vs-MSU proportions.


* The "Someone Verify He Really Has - Not One, But Two Degrees From Texas Award" ... to Steve Patterson

In 22 short months, he seemed to do everything he could to destroy the morale of an athletic program digging in the couch cushions for morale.


* The "MacGyver Do It All Award" ... To Willie Wilkerson!

He covers recruiting, football, basketball, baseball, does videos and makes sure the site is fully operational day-in and day-out. Thank you Willie Wilk!


* The "I Just Want To Sleep In My Own Bed And Pass My Finals Award" ... to the Texas basketball team

Trips  to China and the Bahamas meant Shaka Smart's team opened the 2015-16 hoops season with more frequent flyer miles and hotel points than nights in their own beds the first month of the season.


* The "Best Coach Of  A Men's Team On Campus Award" ... to Texas swim coach Eddie Reese

All Reese did was collect his 11th NCAA team national title in 2015 and serves as the best-kept secret resource to all the other coaches at UT.


* The "Best Coach Of A Women's Team On Campus Award" ... to volleyball coach Jerritt Elliott

Despite reaching seven of the last eight Final Fours, in a total nitpick, there has probably been a year or two when the Texas women's volleyball team didn't max out its talent (2013 and 2014), but this year's team DID max out its talent in reaching the NCAA final and losing to a more talented Nebraska team in front of a home crowd in Omaha. Great season with another great recruiting class on the way.


* The "Best Mid-Season Pickup Award" ... to Taylor Gaspar

She covers recruiting, football and does anything asked to help the HD team. So happy to have her on the HD team!


* The "Reason There's Hope (Lot's Of It) Award" ... to Connor Williams, Patrick Vahe, Malik Jefferson, Chris Warren, John Burt, Holton Hill, DaVante Davis, Kris Boyd, DeShon Elliott, P.J. Locke, Anthony Wheeler, Breckyn Hager, Charles Omenihu, Jerrod Heard, Michael Dickson, Derick Roberson, Edwin Freeman, Kirk Johnson

That's 18 freshmen or redshirt freshmen who made plays in 2015 for the Texas football team. Picture those players a year and two years from now.


* The "I'm So Thankful They Are On My Team (Especially In The Heart Of Recruiting Season) Award" ... to Greg Powers and Gabe Brooks

These guys are the best of the best and cover recruiting in Texas for Scout and HD like nobody else. Read every post they make and always feel free to post questions for them on our board - they will always come through with an answer for you.

And also BIG THANKS to the rest of the SCOUT RECRUITING TEAM ... when it comes to college hoops, there's no one better than EVAN DANIELS - read everything he posts as well (and post questions) ... And thanks to Scout leader JOEL COX for hiring all of us!!


* The "Maybe This Wasn't Such A Good Idea Award" ... to Shaka Smart while going through the ice boat in SEAL training.

* The "Mile-High Club Award" ... to freshman dunk artist Kerwin Roach

This dunk against UT-Arlington says it all!

Feel free to add your own awards (in the holiday spirit, of course!) and fire away with Qs IN MY MERRY CHRISTMAS CHAT BY CLICKING ON THIS VERY LINK!!

Merry Christmas!!!


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