HornsDigest caught up with 2016 Longhorns quarterback commitment Shane Buechele to talk about a variety of topics

Buechele is moving down to Austin to begin his career at the University of Texas this weekend.

The video above is a recorded conversation HornsDigest's William Wilkerson had with Shane Buechele.

In the video, which is around 12 minutes, Buechele talks about his personal expectations for his freshman season, being the "Malik Jefferson" of 2016, the futue of the program, and much, much more. 

Below is a transcript of the conversation.


HD: First and foremost, how would you classify how this recruiting process has been for you? You got this out of the way early and have helped get some other guys to UT. How has this process been like for you?


Shane: “The process has been really fun. It was a little stressful at first before I was committed. I was kind of trying to figure out what school would be best for me. I wanted to make a decision early. I didn’t feel pressured, but was a little stressful. Once I made the decision on what school was best for me I was able to relax a little bit and I was able to get on the recruiting part, just making relationships with these different guys has been a blast. It’s one thing I’ll never forget for sure.”


HD: When you committed to Texas one of the main reasons you committed was Shawn Watson and the relationship you had with him. Now that he is gone, I know that Sterlin Gilbert is still fresh on everybody’s mind at UT. What is your relationship like with Gilbert and how do you see that evolving?


Shane: “The first part of your question mentioning Coach Watson, it was a little bit of a bummer when he left. I had a great relationship with him and was a little upset when he left because of the relationship aspect, knowing how great of a guy and a family man he is. But I really feel comfortable around Coach Gilbert too. He’s a very successful coach that knows what he’s doing. He’s a very smart guy and a family guy himself. So I haven’t gotten to spend much time with him, as much as I’d want to. But we’ve both been busy people. But our relationship is great. I’ve talked to him a lot over the phone and through direct message. It’s been fun creating a new relationship. He’ll be by tomorrow [Thursday] for an in home visit with Coach [Charlie] Strong. He’ll get to meet my parents for the first time. We are excited about that for sure.”


HD: You area a guy that strikes me as being vocal behind the scenes. You aren’t flashy with tweets, Facebook, Instagram. Can you talk about how you’ve gone about trying to get some of these other recruits to Texas?


Shane: “I don’t try to get it all out there and be public with a bunch of stuff. I didn’t like it during my recruiting process so I’m not going to do it with these guys. I try not to bug them too much but try to sale the pitch that Texas is the best school in the nation, not only athletically but academically. Also the family atmosphere and that the new coaches are going to do great things and be successful. We just need recruits to get in there. It might take a year or two but we will be successful. They just have to trust me on that. Laying low is what I think will be the best. Whenever they have time to make a decision they’ll make the best decision for them. I don’t like pressuring guys into making a decision because I didn’t like it myself in the process.”


HD: How do you think you will handle things this weekend as a guy that will be moving down to UT for good while other guys the same age as you are taking official visits to UT? Will you ramp things up a little bit?


Shane: “I think I’ll turn it up a little bit. Some of these guys I do think will end up being Longhorns. But nothing is for sure yet and we won’t know for sure until signing day. A bunch of guys, their recruiting way is to be pressured and let them know that we want them real bad. I’m not going to amplify them too much but I’ll sale them the pitch that I have and just try to get them to pick the University of Texas.”


HD: For anybody who follows UT they know that the quarterback position for 2016 is pretty wide open. With yourself being an early enrollee, can you give us an idea as to what your expectations are? Do you want to challenge for the starting spot right away? Do you see a redshirt year being beneficial to you? How are you taking this all in?


Shane: “This opportunity for me is a great one. All those guys in the quarterback room are very talented. I have nothing bad to say about them. They are all great athletes and can throw the ball. All I ask for, and what I think will happen, is a chance to compete. And I want to try to play next year. I think I could make a difference on this team in a positive way. That’s all I ask for is a chance to compete for the job on Day 1 and just kind of show what I can do.”


HD: Can you describe your game for us? What traits of yours do you think will carry over really well from high school to college, and what are some things you think you have to work on?


Shane: “It’s kind of hard to talk about myself. I really don’t like doing it. First of all, you can always get better. Anything in the quarterback position, you can always get better. I think I am a pocket passer and I think I can make accurate throws, but with some power on them. Also, I can make plays with my feet as well and make throws on the run, but accurately. I think that’s one thing I am happy with myself that I can do is making plays for myself when the pocket breaks down. Also, just staying in the pocket. People don’t see that much. I didn’t have much of that on my highlight tape but that’s what I like doing, making throws from the pocket and making accurate throws.”


HD: When you look back at the 2015 season and how UT finished up, how far do you think this program is from being where you want it to be?


Shane: “Talent wise it is unbelievable what we have. On the offensive side we have so many weapons. We just have to get the ball in their hands and let them do what they know how to do. And then defensively, we played a bunch of freshmen this year. They showed out. They played well. With one year already under their belt I think they’ll play great next year and the year after that. Everybody has to keep working hard and everybody knows that. They have the mentality that we can be a national championship winning team. We just have to work hard and play all 60 minutes well. Whatever happens, happens. But I believe with the talent we have we can be a great team for sure.”


HD: When you look at how Malik Jefferson impacted the program in 2015, do you see yourself coming in and being able to do something similar to what he was able to do?


Shane: “I’d like to be. Me and Malik have a pretty great relationship. He obviously did great things last year and molded that recruiting class. What I want to do is, from Day 1, show myself as a leader in the locker room, on the field, in the classroom, just everywhere. I want to gain relationships with the guys. That’s the No. 1 thing. Maybe I’ll learn to be a little more vocal. On the field I am pretty vocal and have that leadership mentality. I definitely want to be that face of the 2016 class kind of like Malik did last year.”


HD: Finally, if you had a message to Longhorns fans what would you tell them?

Shane: “Just stay patient and have faith that the people that we have coming in, and the people we already have there, that we will be able to do great things. The coaches are smart people and the players that we have coming in are very smart and athletic. Just stay patient and have faith in what we are doing. Hopefully we’ll be back at the top in a year or two.”


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