Check out what recruits have to say as they leave Austin from their Longhorns official visit

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New Texas OL commitment Zach Shackelford

I talked to Shackelford after his commitment (he's 6-4, 300 and will probably wear No. 50 or 51 at Texas. He starts classes Tuesday):

"I had never been to Austin - other than a football game - so it was great to get to see more of the city."

"The coaching staff on offense was a big change for the better. I like Coach Gilbert and Coach Mattox a lot."

"Coach Strong is a great leader. When the players carried him off the field after the OU game, that told you everything about how his players feel about Coach Strong."

"Coach Mattox was recruiting me at Tulsa. I went up there to Tulsa to visit and got to know Coach Gilbert and Coach Mattox. So when they ended up at Texas, it made me step back and take a look at this. If they hadn't come in, I was going to Kansas State."

"They're going to bring the offense from Tulsa, and I like the tempo of that offense.

"It gets the defense off guard. Us practicing at tempo will help the defense be ready when they face tempo. It feels good to."

"The coaches are talking to me about center or guard. But I'll probably start off at center. It's a little change up. It will probably take a little getting used to. But once I get used to the speed of the game, I think everything will be great."

"I'm enrolling early because I wanted the most time possible to learn the schemes. I'm a highly competitive person, and I just want to play and do everything possible to help me get prepared to get on the field."

"Best part of the weekend was probably getting to know the players - my teammates." 

"Coach Strong cares, not only about football, but the person you're going to be after football and that goes far with me. He's going to do whatever it takes to win, and that's what I'm all about."

"I'd describe my style of play as through the whistle - a finisher."

On what he wants opponents to think after a game: 

"Defeated. Whipped. If the line did their job, I hope they feel like they got beat. It should be the goal of all five offensive linemen that if we're moving people off the ball, it will be reflected on the scoreboard."

(Chip Brown) 


4-star safety Deontay Anderson

I exchanged a couple of text messages with four-star safety Deontay Anderson. He told me everything about the weekend was positive and a great overall experience.

"It was great! I loved it!"

We are supposed to talk more later this evening, so I should have more details about the visit, but in the meantime, I figured I would pass along this quote.

(Taylor Gaspar)


Longhorns DT commitment Gerald Wilbon:

"The overall experience was great. I started to bond with players like Chris Nelson. I came with my mom and some family friends."

"The visit was a relax and chill vibe. I just like seeing my future teammates."

"The coaches and I have a stronger relationship. They treated me better than I thought when I came up here. This trip made me way more comfortable with everything."

"The president was talking about how he supports coach Strong and how he's a great coach and man."

(Jason Higdon)


4-star athlete Lil'Jordan Humphrey:

"It was just a great trip and I came with my mom and dad! I hung out with everybody really."

"The vibe was great and the best part was getting to know the coaches."

"I'm very comfortable with the coaches! The relationship I have with them are great."

"The message (from Fenves/Perrin) was that they support coach Strong 100% and that there is no university like Texas."

(Jason Higdon)


Longhorns WR commitment Davion Curtis:

On Charlie Strong's house: "His house was very heart warming. It had a movie theater, and a basketball court, and a game room. It was just like this dream house."

"My host was PJ Locke." 

What he learned about UT this weekend that he didn't necessarily know before: "That if you leave for the league without getting your full education, you can come back and proceed your education on a full ride and everything."

Which recruit he went after the hardest this weekend: "The O lineman from Belton Zach Shackelford. We are kids from the same area and I'm just trying to get him into this UT family. I really think that he enjoyed himself." 

"My overall highlight of this trip was just being around my future teammates and growing that bond and that brotherhood." 

(William Wilkerson) 

Four-star DT Stephon Taylor:
"Man all I could say is it was the best trip I had so far and Texas has gained a lot more of my trust."
"My host was Poona Ford and I drove up with my parents."
(Jason Higdon)



Longhorns DE commitment Andrew Fitzgerald

"Charlie's house was something else. Definitely one of the biggest house I've been in and he had all his awards and different things in it."

"Matthew Merrick was my host. "

"To be honest, I just learned how much history is in the program and how lucky I am to be apart of it."

Recruit he targeted the most: "Zach Shackelford and I think he liked it a lot."

"Overall highlight was definitely going to coach Strong's house. That was pretty cool."

(William Wilkerson)


Longhorns OL commitment Denzel Okafor:

"I was really fun! I got to see all these athletes for the first time!"

"I came with my parents and brother and they enjoyed themselves."

"The best part of the trip was chilling with all the players and recruits on 6th street."

"I've finally got to meet coach Mattox and he's a great guy. I can't wait to work with him."

"The president told us to represent Texas well."

(Jason Higdon)

Longhorns OG commitment Tope Imade:

"Friday I didn't do anything because I fell asleep too early. But Saturday, coach Strong talked to me and it was rally motivating. Patrick Vahe and Malik Jefferson took me out. It was really amazing. I didn't think it was going to be as great as it was. 6th street was amazing. Everything was amazing."

"Coach Strong was just telling everybody to go to a college that best fits you. I'm already coming but the recruits that weren't committed, I know they took heed to what he was saying. Some are second-guessing and reconsidering coming to Texas."

"Tyrone Swoopes, he does not get mad. He is real genuine. I talked to him about this yesterday, I was like, 'Dude, how do you not get mad at all of this stuff on Twitter and social media?' He was like, 'They just don't know what they are talking about.' I dunno, I really love Tyrone."

"Coach Strong's house, personally, I thought it was fake. It was too clean. I thought it was just a set up. It was just too huge. It had games, a movie theatre. I was like, 'Coach Strong..." He said he didn't do this last year but wanted to show us that this was all because of the recruits. That's how he got there. 'They just did this for me.' He just speaks the truth every time. It's hard not to listen to him."

On his expectations for next season: "Just keep Patrick [Vahe] and Connor [Williams] as my mentors, work out with them, train with them. Hopefully I get the chance to start too and be as great as they are. I'm going to work for it. It's going to be a long road."

"They want me to play guard. Vahe is on the right so I'll probably be on the left with Connor. I'm not going to college to say, 'Hey, coach, I'm going to play here. Don't move me.' I'm going wherever they tell me to."

On Matt Mattox: "I love Coach Mattox. he recruited me at Tulsa. He's just an amazing guy. So when he moved to Texas it was just a perfect fit. Coach Mattox, I love this guy."

(William Wilkerson) 


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