William Wilkerson, Scout.com

Here is an update on Longhorns wide receiver Ryan Newsome.

Getting a bunch of questions about Ryan Newsome and also saw a thread posted about him earlier today in relation to a tweet he sent out.


Fact of the matter is this: Nothing is happening right now. 

Newsome wants to be a Longhorn.

Did it hurt him that Tommie Robinson, a man he's known since he was 3-years-old, left to go to USC? Absolutely. 

But Newsome didn't go to Texas because of Robinson. He went to UT - switching his pledge from UCLA to Texas in the 25th hour of the recruiting process - because he believes he can be a breakout player in Austin. It helped Texas' cause with Robinson on the staff, but that's not the reason he committed. 

Like I said in HD Only last week, these next few weeks are going to be very, very telling IMO for Newsome. If he sees himself being a big part of this Sterlin Gilbert offense then everything is going to be fine. If not, well, then we might need to circle back around to this. 

If that happens we will let you know. 

In the meantime, just know that Newsome is working his tail off to prove to those out there - especially the new coaches, and the old ones to - that he has the abilities to wreck havoc in UT's offense and in the return game. 

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