7-on-7: Peter Ullman Eval

Round Rock TE and Texas commitment <B>Peter Ullman</B> attended the recent College Station 7-on-7 Tourney. He performed as well as expected, but we'll break his game down a bit further...

Size: Ullman goes about 6-3, 235 pounds. He's a good-sized tight end seems suited to be a blocker first/receiver second.

Speed: The Cen-Tex prep showed off a decent set of wheels, probably 4.9 or better. He's been working on that as well as his explosiveness, so improvement can be made in this area.

Routes: Route-running was decent. Could work a little more on that part of his game. He showed a tendency to round off his routes. Might have had to do more with the heat/exhaustion. Also needs to get in and out of his cuts a little quicker.

Hands: This is the best part of Ullman's game, no question. Get the ball close to the fingers, and kid'll glove it every time. Despite being money on catchable balls, Round Rock did not utilize Ullman enough as a junior.

BOTTOM LINE: Ullman has good size for the position and little body fat. A nice frame for adding more muscle/weight, kid could easily get up to 250/255. He's not going to tear it up in the passing game because he lacks great speed for the position. Having said that, expect the Round Rock tight end to make the grab when his number's called. He can certainly do that and do it well.

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