HornsDigest breaks down the remaining targets for the Longhorns with national signing day around the corner on Feb. 3

Here's the latest on four-star DE/OLB Erick Fowler.

The Latest: Erick Fowler took his last official visit to LSU on Jan. 22. He took an OV to Texas on Jan. 15. 

Teams in Contention: LSU, Texas

Trending: LSU but the Longhorns aren't out of it.

When he'll announce: Fowler does not have an official time listed yet.


Fowler is a player who is perfectly suited to be an edge player in college whether he puts his hand on the ground or does it from a stand-up position, it matters little. All that matters is that he is a whirlwind of a defender who constantly applies pressure to the opposing offenses, sucking up running back behind the line of scrimmage and sacking quarterbacks often. He has the size to take a pounding and deliver one as equally as well. - Powers


  • Disengaging Skills
  • Explosion
  • Pass Rushing Skills

Areas to Improve

  • Techniques and Moves

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