Surprise! Surprise! HD ONLY!

(Kind of like the timing of RB Kyle Porter's commitment today! ... Not so much DT D'Andre Christmas-Giles' commitment, because Higs had you all over that one!)

We are releasing HD ONLY a day early this week as a “Signing Day Preview” for what our man Higs has been proclaiming for more than four months – long before anyone else – will be a star-rush of top talent inking with Texas in what should be an historic signing day for the Longhorns.

Enjoy ... (and make sure you get your 2 FREE MONTHS of HD by sharing our latest offer on your Facebook page. Rules are pinned on the board.)





Below, we have laid out all the announcement times we have for prospects who have been recruited by Texas who remain publicly uncommitted and will announce their plans on Wednesday:


DT Marcel Southall ……….7:30 AM Duncanville High School 

DT Chris Daniels …………..7:45 AM Trinity High School

DT Mike Williams …………. 8 AM CT at his high school

LB Erick Fowler ……………. 8:30 AM Manor High School 

S Brandon Jones …………. 8:30 AM  ESPNU 

S Deontay Anderson ……. 9:30 AM  ESPNU 

LB Dontavious Jackson & S Chris Brown ……. 9:45 AM ESPNU 

LB Jeffrey McCulloch ……..10:30 AM ESPNU 

OL Patrick Hudson ………….10:30 AM Silsbee High School 

DT Stephon Taylor ………….12 PM McDonough 35 High School 

DT Jordan Elliott ……………..1:00 PM HISD Pavilion (HISD wide signing day ceremony) 



At the top of the Horns House board, Taylor Gaspar will have a LOCKED thread titled “2016 Texas Longhorns.” 

As soon as a 2016 recruit announces he is a Texas Longhorn and as soon as we have confirmation from Texas that his letter of intent has been received, his name, announcement time and LOI confirmation will all be posted in this thread. 

One after the other – as they come in. 

Everyone can continue to click on Taylor’s post throughout the day to know exactly – up-to-the-minute - who has joined the 2016 Texas recruiting class. Willie Wilkerson and I will be chasing down information and releasing it as we get it.

Again, the "2016 Texas Longhorns"  thread will be LOCKED, because all the conversation will be going on in the thread posted right below Taylor’s by HD’s Stone Cold Oracle. 




Higs will have what is sure to grow into an epic thread (posted around 5 am CT) on what is expected to be an epic NSD in Texas Longhorns’ recruiting history. 

And while we’re on the subject, allow me to brag on our man Higs for a second. 

In September – the first full month of the football season (a month that did NOT go well for the Longhorns, if you’ll recall … ) – our man Higs began proclaiming Texas would land a Top 10 class. 

Competitors openly scoffed at Higs. 

Like, loudly. 

Heck, even our own HD community started just about every one of Higs’ chats with … “Still thinking Top 10 Higs?” 

One member became so angry at Higs over this prediction and what he was basing it on, he flat out lost his mind and went psycho on Higs and went running and screaming for the exits … apparently to one of those competitors who was busy bashing Higs as a click-baiting loon. 

Higs, as he always does, expressed some Higdonese like, “I’m not trying to make you think the way I think. Keep thinking the way you think.”

Are there times, when the Tom Clancy-like recruiting bread crumbs just aren't enough?  And you want to put Higs through some of Pat Moorer's "mat drills?" Of course!

(By the way, Texas players will experience Moorer's "mat drills" for the first time in winter conditioning on Wednesday. For those who don't know what "mat drills" are, they are one-on-one competitions - tug-of-wars, push-ups, chin-ups, etc., that usually have players talking - or ralphing - for the next 24 hours!)

So even though Higs' means of delivery are purely Higdonese and he prefers you file through his entire chats to find the gold (not because he's vain - because he doesn't want his competition to find the gold too easily! So, don't tell Higs, but sometimes Taylor will post a recap of a Higs' chat the following morning. No easy feat when the dude posts more than 3,800 times like he did in January!  )

But while critics scoffed, Higs simply dug in, made call after call, established relationship after relationship to bring you information you couldn't get anywhere else. 

But why did Higs stick to his guns? Even through that 1-4 start and blowout loss at TCU? Even through goings and comings on the Texas staff?

Maybe it’s because Higs has known Charlie Strong longer than anyone in the Texas market - since Strong was the ace recruiter for Urban Meyer at Florida. 

I’ve told this story before, but I'll tell it again. I discovered what a monster recruiter Strong was while covering the Sugar Bowl between Louisville and Florida for SiriusXM Radio with former Gator national champion QB Chris Leak as my co-host. 

I noted how Leak hugged Strong on his way into our pre-game interview and then hugged Strong again on Strong’s way out of the interview. 

I said to Leak, “Wow, two hugs. You must’ve been close to Charlie.” 

And Leak said, “Charlie recruited me.” 

I said, “The defensive coordinator at Florida recruited you?” 

“Charlie recruited all the hard-to-get guys at Florida," Leak said. "He was Urban’s best recruiter. 

“It didn’t matter if a kid was from a well-off home or government housing, Charlie knew how to read kids and absolutely knew how to connect with them in a way that made you feel like you could accomplish anything - if you just listened to what he said and followed him.”

Then Leak flashed his national championship ring at me.




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