There is one person I need to apologize to - Texas LB coach Brian Jean-Mary - and I did - directly - long before writing this.

A former colleague of Texas LB coach Brian Jean-Mary, who has great admiration for him, was under the impression Jean-Mary had overcome adversity as a young man by escaping a gang and that the situation had been used as a teachable moment for others, including his players, throughout the years.

Tonight, in what I thought was a private moment in the hall, after the media met with some players following practice, I asked Jean-Mary, if what I had been told was true. He told me the information was incorrect. And I later apologized to Jean-Mary for even bringing it up.

I was told later, unbeknownst to me, two reporters were standing behind me, listening to my conversation with Jean-Mary.

I was told Anwar Richardson was one of them. Rather than call me directly to ask me about my line of questioning, as we had been friendly in the past,  Richardson decided to go to Twitter, and in a series of tweets, basically accused me of being a racist. 

After apologizing to Jean-Mary for the questioning and confusion, I called Richardson twice over the span of 25 minutes. He did not pick up either time, and I left messages for him to call me back. .

He texted me one minute after I left the second message and said he would call me back. Thirteen minutes after that text and 41 minutes after my first call, he did call me back.

I explained the situation to him - exactly as I have here - and explained that I had even apologized to Jean-Mary for the question, which had proved to be based on incorrect information. 

I feel absolutely confident that the only person I needed to apologize to - Brian Jean-Mary - understood my explanation, told me no hard feelings and that he looks forward to working with me in the future.




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