Texas offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert assessed the progress of the Longhorns' new offense and of the three QBs - senior-to-be Tyrone Swoopes, sophomore-to-be Jerrod Heard and early enrollee freshman Shane Buechele - he says are competing for the starting job.

What does it take to be successful as a QB in this offense?

"Gotta be intelligent and be accurate with the ball."


On striking the balance of reps by the offense vs what the defense needs in terms of on-field coaching:

"Charlie's been great. It's no different from the amount of reps everywhere I've been."


Is there a QB on campus who can run the offense?

"Yeah. One of these three guys can and will."


Is it possible Kai Locksley moves to another position?

"Maybe. It's still probably early for that," Gilbert said.


What Gilbert likes about Shane Buechele:

"Headsy, live arm, carries himself well, high football IQ, urgent about what he does and how he does it. But he's got a lot of room for growth."


What Gilbert likes about Tyrone Swoopes:

"He's big, got experience, live arm, he cares. He's made plays before."


What Gilbert likes about Jerrod Heard:

"Speed, experience. He's a winner. He's won a lot of games in high school and in college already. Spins the ball well."


On if Gilbert's hesitant to play a freshman at QB:

"You play the best guy. I've been around where we've played a young guy and have been successful. But you play the best guy."

Gilbert compared knowing when the installation is getting close to being done to "grandma's pie."

"You know when it starts tasting good."

When I asked Gilbert why players like this offense, he said, "It's familiar to them because it's probably very similar to what they ran in high school. It's funner. I don't know if funner is a word. But it's tempo. The pace of it. You'll have a two-hour practice, but it doesn't feel like a two-hour practice."

I asked Gilbert what stood out about WR Collin Johnson, and he said: "Ball skills and his work ethic is second to none. High football IQ."


When I asked about C Zach Shackelford, Gilbert said, "Everything I just said about Collin applies to Shack. Both are weight room guys, too."


"It's hard to believe - three weeks from now - they should be going to prom."



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