Longhorn Roster By The Numbers

With the release of UT's official fall roster, let's break down a few of the numbers.

2003 Longhorn Roster

By class (scholarship players only, except where noted):

Seniors -- 14
Juniors -- 13
Sophomores -- 24
Freshmen (redshirt) -- 15
Freshmen (true) -- 19

What makes these numbers interesting? The number of scholarship athletes listed above totals 85 (actually 84, because junior Cedric Benson is considered a walk-on, but he counts towards the NCAA-limit of 85). Note: With Tony Hills, Steve Richardson and Aaron Harris not reporting, the actual number of kids on campus is 82. Hills will arrive in Austin in spring after a scheduled knee surgery later this month and rehab throughout the fall, while Richardson and Harris both expect to resolve their issues (Clearinghouse and "administrative", respectively) and be on the team this fall. Assuming Hills, Richardson and Harris return before next year, and given that the senior class only contains 14 members, Texas will need attrition of at least three players before next fall to squeeze in under the 85 limit the 17 prospects that have already pledged to sign with UT in February '04. The coaches expect to sign 20 players, which would bump the eventual attrition number up to six.

Percentage of seniors that are projected starters: 57%, or eight of 14 (make it nine of 14 if Ivan Williams, who is not yet cleared for practice, or Brock Edwards, who is cleared to practice, earns the fullback start)

By size:

Tallest -- Jonathan Scott, William Winston (6-7)
Heaviest -- Lionel Garr, William Winston and Terrance Young (350)
Shortest -- Brandon Foster (5-9)
Lightest -- Brandon Foster

Number of players whose officially reported weight decreased from last fall: 8

Number of players whose officially reported weight increased from last fall: 28

Biggest (weight) loser: Trey Bates (from 300 to 280)

Biggest gainer: Bryan Pickryl (from 210 to 240) and *Marco Martin (310 to 340)

*Martin's numbers seem to be more of a case of underreporting his original weight than a huge off-season weight gain. The kid was B-I-G when he first stepped foot on the Forty Acres.

(Weight) losers by position: 4 OLs (Bates, Justin Blalock, Mike Garcia, Brett Valdez), 1 DT (Rod Wright), 1 DE (Kalen Thornton), 1 S (Phillip Geiggar), 1 FB (Eric Hall)

Most welcome weight gainers: Pickryl, Cedric Benson (205 to 215), Tully Janszen (250 to 275), David Thomas (220 to 228)

By position (numbers include Hills, Richardson and Harris):

Quarterbacks -- 3
Defensive backs -- 15
Running backs -- 9
Wide receivers -- 10
Offensive linemen -- 17
Defensive tackles -- 7
Defensive ends -- 7
Tight ends -- 5
Linebackers -- 10
Punters -- 2

The positions hardest hit by graduation after this fall: the pass catchers. WR loses the Big Three and TE loses both Bo and Brock.

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