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Vince Young Vows To Sue Accuser

Vince Young strongly denies an assault allegation dating to 2014 that has just now surfaced. In fact, he vows to sue his accuser.

According to a report by, a lawsuit has just been filed against Vince Young, alleging he assaulted a woman during a drunken March Madness road trip in 2014.

The report says Tiffany Cayo alleges in her lawsuit seeking $250,000 that she and Vince were driving back from an NCAA Tournament game in 2014 in the same vehicle when he reached over and pulled her hair. According to the TMZ Sports report, Cayo describes Young as "extremely intoxicated" at the time of the incident.

The suit doesn't say if Vince Young, who was charged with  suspicion of DWI in January in Austin, was driving at the time, TMZ Sports reported. Young's DWI case is pending.

To read more of TMZ Sports' report:

On Monday, Young's lawyers vowed to countersue Cayo for "a clear attempt to extract money from Mr. Young."

Young's lawyers say Cayo first made the allegation to Young privately a year ago. Young's legal team then interviewed witnesses who were in the car who say the allegation never happened. That evidence was presented to Cayo's attorneys, Young's legal team says. 

Here is a statement from Young's legal counsel provided to

"First and foremost, Mr. Young would like to unequivocally express that he does not condone physical violence in any form.  For that reason, he is incredibly saddened and angered at the baseless allegations made by Ms. Cayo through her counsel.

"Second, when Mr. Young was first approached about these unfounded allegations over a year ago, his counsel investigated the allegations on his behalf and interviewed several key witnesses, including persons in the vehicle at the time of the incident as well as witnesses who saw Ms. Cayo after the alleged incident. 

"All of the witnesses corroborated Mr. Young’s strong denial of Ms. Cayo’s allegations and stated that the alleged incident Ms. Cayo claims to have happened, never did. 

"Mr. Young’s counsel presented the results of the investigation to Ms. Cayo’s counsel in early 2015.  Now, two years after this alleged incident and over a year after being informed that there was clear and unequivocal witness testimony contradicting Ms. Cayo’s allegations, Ms. Cayo and her counsel have brought this frivolous lawsuit in a clear attempt to extract money from Mr. Young.

"Third, Ms. Cayo’s fabricated claims have now harmed Mr. Young professionally and personally and continuance of her lawsuit will further that harm. 

"For this reason, Mr. Young intends to counter-sue Ms. Cayo and her counsel for willfully bringing these egregiously false claims against him.  Mr. Young cannot, and will not, stand idly by and allow these baseless allegations to harm him personally and professionally and he is absolutely certain that when the dust settles, Ms. Cayo’s claims will be roundly disproved and Mr. Young will be vindicated in all respects."

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