B&Z REPORTING FOR HD: FB notes, latest on Isaiah Taylor, Jarrett Allen, 'generating' a kicker, more

Meet Braden and Zach, aka B & Z, two HD members with some connections to UT athletics who have been put through Chip Brown's journalism boot camp (covering a Junior Day with Chip) ... and who happen to be current students on the 40 Acres. They rub shoulders with athletes on campus and hear stuff that they are now passing on to you in their new weekly column "B&Z Reporting For HD"

As always, if you have any suggestions for what you would like to see Zach and I research more about leave a comment or send us a pm. Next week we’ll be previewing the WRs with Texas offers and giving our opinion about what makes each of them special.



To echo what Higs, Chip, and Taylor have already reported, our inside-the-program source (aka ITP) also states that we should not expect to see Jerrod Heard (shoulder) or Dylan Haines (knee) for the rest of the spring.

Heard’s injury “doesn’t look terrible”, but they appear to be playing it safe just in case. For Haines, it sounds like the laceration to his knee was pretty gnarly, but nothing that some stitches couldn't take care of. DeShon Elliot is getting the majority of reps in his place.




Unfortunately, ITP was not as optimistic this week about the kicking game.

Mitchell Becker and Evan Moore are still the front-runners for place kicking/FG duties, with Jon Coppens behind both of them.

In the scrimmage Saturday and in practice on Tuesday, we are told that reps were alternated between the three.

In our opinion, Becker is still the guy to beat in this race, but as Chip reported in Saturday's scrimmage notes and Charlie Strong confirmed Tuesday - Texas is actively looking for a kicker to bring in this summer (the way Strong did last summer with Australian P Michael Dickson).

Strong's exact words were: "We're going to generate one." Of finding Dickson last summer, Strong said, "We generated him. Are we trying to generate a kicker now? (laughing) We're always looking for someone. If you find me a kicker, send him to me. I need him."

Sadly, this appears to be a situation that we are going to need to have patience with… and not the good kind of “patience” that our man Higs refers to.




I began our chat by asking about what I believe (and I think most of you would agree) is the most concerning topic as we put this season to rest: the status of Isaiah Taylor.

Our ITP source tells us that junior point guard Isaiah Taylor is definitely mentally ready to move on to the NBA.

But he is not making any rash/rushed decisions.

From what I understand and what I am told about the new NCAA rules, a player may “test the waters” as much as he wants, but until he hires an agent he is still eligible to return.

Right now Isaiah is in the “testing the waters” phase, meaning he is getting evaluated and listening to all advice about his future.

So, until he moves forward with hiring an agent, I guess there is a chance that he could return. However, just like Chip has reported several times, it’s going to take some pretty discouraging evaluations to change his mind.




When asking our ITP source about the news on the recruiting front, specifically 2016 5-star big man Jarrett Allen of Austin St. Stephen's, ITP stated that he “would be very surprised if [Allen] went far from home.”

The coaches seem to be hearing all the right things at this point, and now it simply comes down to waiting on the announcement. As Chip has reported several times, I also believe Texas is in very good shape with this one.  

When I asked our source about Shaka’s vision for this team moving forward, he immediately responded “he expects consistently deep runs in the tournament.”

When I asked how he planned on making that happen, he expressed that with the new recruiting class Shaka is bringing in he believes the team will look much more like vintage VCU teams of the past.

Shaka is very confident in his young players, and let’s them know early on that he expects them to be the leaders of the team.




Caught up with 2017 3-star WR Montrell Estell from Hooks to get the latest on his recruitment.



He says he currently doesn’t have any camp trips planned for the summer, but he is trying to visit Alabama this upcoming weekend. When I asked him specifically about Texas, he responded, “It’s between A&M and Texas.” The Texas-vs-A&M rivalry lives on in recruiting.


Lastly, I asked Montrell to comment about what he brings to the table as a WR?

What he believes sets him apart is what he can do after the catch, noting that his “vision allows him to see the whole field and that gives [him] the advantage to break away at any moment.”


I think if you watch Montrell’s film, you’ll agree with him.




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