Texas Will Host Spring Game and Stars

The University of Texas and Charlie Strong are set for their Spring game this weekend and with it comes big time high school football players. Texas will host dozens of top-tier high school football players and their families this weekend.

Jordan Elliott (2016 DT)


“My family is coming and you know I am not looking for anything anymore,” Jordan Elliott said.  “I found it; that’s why I signed with Texas.  I’m just going up there to watch an increasingly dominant offense and monster defense go head to head for an hour or so.”


Gerald Wilbon (2016 DT)


 “Just getting out there and enjoying my time out there,” Gerald Wilbon said.  “I’ve been looking forward to going to the game.”


Peyton Aucoin (2016 TE)


“Seeing the big improvements and meeting up with all the boys,” Peyton Aucoin said.  “I’m coming up with my parents and Gerald [Wilbon]”


D’Andre Christmas-Giles (2016 DT)


“The atmosphere,” D’Andre Christmas-Giles said.  “I know it won't be as packed as a real game, but I still want to see the environment of the game.  Also, a little bit more of campus and how coaches operate on game day.”


Jeffrey McCulloch (2016 OLB)


“I’m coming home,” Jeffrey McCulloch said.


Lil’Jordan Humphrey (2016 WR)


“Just to get to see the players and coaches and see them compete with each other,” Lil’Jordan Humphrey said.  He is coming to the game with his mom, dad, and sister.


Sam Ehlinger (2017 QB)


“How the offense performs in front of fans and how everything flows,” Sam Ehlinger said.  He will attend the game with Stephan Zabie and Nakia Watson.


Major Tennison (2017 TE)


“I’m most excited to see the use of the tight end,” Major Tennison said.  He is coming with his dad.


Kobe Boyce (2017 CB)


“I’m looking forward to hanging out with the past, present and future Texas football players and getting to know them better,” Kobe Boyce said.  “I’m just excited about the atmosphere, and I’m going with my mom, dad, and friend.”


Walker Little (2017 OL)


“I’m looking forward to building up my relationships with the coaches,” Walker Little said.  “Seeing the practice and the types of schemes they use/how I would fit in the offense.  Talking and hanging out with some of the players, seeing how they like it and things like that. I will be going with my mom and dad.”


Anthony Hines (2017 ILB)


“Just getting back down and taking in the experience,” Anthony Hines said.  “I always love it every time I return!”  This is a big trip for Hines as he is going to be with his father (as usual) but this time, his mother will visit and have a chance to meet Charlie Strong and Brian Jean-Mary for the first time.


Darrion Green (2017 CB/RB)


“With my mom and siblings,” Darrion Green said. “I'm most looking to meet the coaches face to face and see how they doing on the field.”


Anthony Cook (2018 CB)


“I'm going with my mom and my teammate A’lvonte Woodard,” Anthony Cook said. “I really just want to see how they operate things up there and get a feel for all the coaches. We will also tour the facility.”


Alston Chizoba Orji (2018 MLB/RB)


“I'm going with my family and I'm looking forward to seeing Chris Warren III play again,” Alston Chizoba Orji said.


Joshua Moore (2018 WR)


“I'll be in Austin with my brother this weekend,” Joshua Moore said.  “I've been to UT before but I never took an unofficial visit. But this week I look forward to seeing some intense football and meeting the coaching staff and start to build this relationship with them.” 


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