Blalock TD Highlights Second Longhorn Practice

<I>Blalock&#146;s to the 20! To the 10! Touchdown! Justin Blalock. </I>

Say, what?

SE Roy Williams is in no danger of losing his job. Neither is RB Cedric Benson. But on the second day of Longhorn preseason drills, the 6-4, 330-pound RT Justin Blalock showed remarkable speed -- plus a few nifty moves -- in taking it to the house after a tipped Chance Mock pass landed in his mitts.

Lightening forced the session into the ‘Bubble‘, but it was the quick-strike Blalock that electrified his teammates. DT Tully Janszen got just enough of his hands on Mock’s pass to deflect it into Blalock’s ample bosom. Reminiscent of William ‘The Refrigerator’ Perry of Da Bears, Blalock careened toward the end zone before dragging three defenders across the goal line.

The play was amusing for head coach Mack Brown, but not enough to consider Blalock for future carries or receptions.

"I felt like Justin had a couple of good moves," Brown said. "I said to him (after the play), ‘Justin, what are you doing?’ He said, ‘You told the backs to always run to the end zone.’"

It may be the closest Blalock gets to an ESPN highlight reel, but trust us, fans are just starting to hear about this hoss. He’ll be an All-American by the time he hangs up his Burnt Orange jersey. Until then, he’ll go a long way toward helping you forget about last year’s OL woes.

Coaches want the versatile RS-freshman to occupy both the guard and tackle spots like All-American Derrick Dockery did last season.

Otherwise, Friday’s practice was an occasion for true freshmen to shake off the opening day jitters.

"I thought practice for the younger guys was much more comfortable today than it was out on the field yesterday," Brown said. "The other thing is that the young guys have got to learn to practice. You’re throwing them into an environment that they’ve never been in, and asking them to know. There’s no depth chart (for freshmen) through two-a-days. We’ve asked them to stay in the back and learn and watch and not jump up in the front of the line right now. We tell them to watch an older guy and try to learn on the run from the drill."

Weekend practice times were switched from mid-afternoon to 7:45 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday as a result of the triple-digit heat. Both sessions are scheduled for Denius Field.

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