Has 5-star big man Jarrett Allen of Austin St. Stephen's made a decision?

8:20 PM - Basically, Texas is just waiting on Jarrett Allen's national Letter of Intent to make it official.

When Texas knows, we'll know. Myself and Evan Daniels, Scout's ace college basketball recruiting guru, have been bird-dogging this one the last 72 hours.

Stay tuned. Feels like this could go down any time now.


7:30 PM - I've confirmed Kansas has been told thank you but Jarrett Allen will not be attending KU in the fall.


6:30 PM - Hearing Jarrett Allen may have indicated to Kansas and Houston that he is no longer considering attending those schools.

Another source just told me something may be known within the hour about Jarrett's final decision.


4 PM WEDS - Still no letter of intent yet from Jarrett Allen - at least not sent in to Texas.

Today is the final day of the spring signing period to ink an LOI. Jarrett has until 11:59 pm CT tonight to send in a letter of intent, I'm told.


TUESDAY UPDATES - Sources told HornsDigest.com on Tuesday they think 5-star big man Jarrett Allen of Austin St. Stephen's might have reached a decision on his college choice and that an announcement could come in the next 24 to 48 hours.

The sources said trying to pinpoint when Allen would have an announcement up to this point has been futile, so they wouldn't be surprised if there is an announcement in that time frame or if there isn't one.

One source close to the situation said they think it's "70-30 in favor of Texas." Allen has indicated his decision is down to Texas, Houston and Kansas, although some sources told HD they think it's down to Texas and Houston.

The end of the spring signing period is Wednesday at 11:59 pm CT, and Allen was on a "senior retreat" Monday and Tuesday, a source close to the situation said.  

Texas basketball coach Shaka Smart spoke at St. Stephen's athletic banquet Sunday night with Allen in attendance, the source said. But Allen made no announcement, nor did he give any indication when an announcement was coming, the source said.


If Allen doesn't sign a letter of intent by 11:59 pm CT on Wednesday, then Allen would not be bound by LOI guidelines until he enrolled in the fall at the school of his choice.


In other words, he could sign scholarship papers - a non-binding, preliminary step to executing a scholarship - with all the  schools he is still considering. He then could attend summer school at one school and still decide before August to change his mind and attend a different school without penalty and be eligible immediately.


Sources said you almost never see that happen - because student-athletes usually make up their mind by the end of the spring signing period. 


But by not signing a letter of intent by the end of the day Wednesday and not being bound by LOI guidelines (until he enrolls somewhere in the fall), Allen would give himself extended time and freedom to make a final decision.


So the Jarrett Allen watch continues ... 







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