Recruiting: Lendy Holmes Update

Top Ten Talent <B>Lendy Holmes</B> has many teams after him as each one hopes to do and say all the right things, giving them the best shot to reel in one of the biggest catches in the Lone Star State.

Although Holmes maintains his stance is "wide-open" with regard to who he's serious looking at, I asked him to throw out some comments on the teams I consider to be in the best position to land the elusive verbal commitment from the Dallas South Oak Cliff 4-star talent.

Those schools (in alphabetical order) are: A&M, Colorado, Kansas State, Miami, Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech.

Stacey Dean: A&M?

Lendy Holmes: Pretty good team. Good coaching staff. Their wide receiver coach said they're losing a lot of receivers.

SD: Colorado...

LH: I've enjoyed checking them out on TV a lot. Like the way they play. And really liked Chris Brown and Bobby Purify.

SD: Kansas State?

LH: They're sending DBs to the NFL. And they might use me the same way they did Terrence Newman. On both offense and defense.

SD: Miami?

LH: Everybody likes them. They make it to a good bowl game every year. But they're loaded. They have a number of good receivers and defensive backs. Not scared of competition, but I'm aware of the talent they have sitting on their campus.

SD: Oklahoma?

LH: Good team. They make it to a good bowl every year. And they're really needing wide receivers.

SD: Texas?

LH: They have a lot of talented players. And I know it would be hard to get immediately on the field, but I wouldn't be against redshirting and working for a position the next year.

SD: Texas Tech?

LH: I like the offense. I like their QBs. And they have really good receivers. They're coming on.

So what will be important to Holmes as he mulls over his options, eventually narrowing his focus to five?

"Academics. Graduation percentages. I'm not worried about playing time and playing time only. I know I need experience and the guys there before me will have that over me. And I'm not worried about fitting in. I can fit in wherever I go. I'm not a shy person. And atmosphere doesn't mean anything to me either."

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