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Texas athletic director Mike Perrin said Thursday he thinks the Longhorns and Aggies will start meeting on the football field again in the future - he just doesn't know when.

"At some point - but who knows when?" Perrin said when asked about Charlie Strong's comment earlier this summer that he had "somebody working on it."

That "somebody" may well be Texas chancellor Adm William McCraven.

Perrin said eight months ago McCraven "expressed an interest" in restoring the Texas vs A&M rivalry.

So has Texas booster Red McCombs.

"I asked Red when he wanted the game played again, and he said, 'Today at 1 pm,'" Perrin said. "I think the game will be restored at some point, but who knows when? We're pretty booked up the next several years in our non-conference games."

After introducing new baseball coach David Pierce, Perrin took a few questions.

When I asked if changes were coming to the athletic department, he said yes.


But he said the No. 1 thing that would win back the Texas fan base is winning.





* Perrin said he only offered the Texas baseball coaching job to one person - David Pierce.

"I found it ironic and amusing that there were people who got new contracts and raises - some of whom I never talked to and some of whom I never uttered their name.

"An AD told me yesterday I helped spread the wealth across a lot of people in college baseball. I did talk to a lot of people and will continue to talk to a lot of people."


* He said it took so long because Perrin interviewed Pierce on June 18 but then UT president Greg Fenves went to Asia for nearly two weeks. Perrin said he wasn't going to hire a coach this significant without him "meeting with my boss."


* Perrin said three things stood out to him after interviewing David Pierce:

1) Knowledge of the game

2) Passion and energy

3) Deep ties in Texas to recruiting


* David Pierce said he is talking to his former Tulane associate head coach Sean Allen about joining him at Texas. 

Allen agreed to take a job on new Alabama coach Greg Goff's staff.

"I don't think anything's signed," Pierce said. "So that's something I'm pursuing. I'm glad to see Sean is valued the way I value him."

Allen was Pierce's point man on recruiting, batting and working with infielders.

Pierce was the pitching coach at Tulane - in addition to his head-coaching duties. He's still trying to decide if he'll do the same at Texas.


* Perrin said he feels a "tremendous amount of buzz" and "excitement" heading into the upcoming school year  - "and not just the football season."

"Those of you who cover the program on a daily basis feel it," Perrin said. "I certainly feel it in being around the football coaches and staff, the excitement of fans certainly opening here with Notre Dame as the only game on that Sunday (Sept. 4).

"I think there's tremendous buzz with the program generally - and not just football. Shaka - what can you say about a guy who has succeeded at every level and a guy who impresses me at every level? And David (Pierce) fits right into that. It's my opinion our big-three sports are in tremendous hands, and I'm ready to roll."





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