Catching Up With Texas Longhorns QB Commit Sam Ehlinger At The Opening

Horns Digest caught up with Texas quarterback commit Sam Ehlinger at The Opening.

The Opening cut today's media viewing session to only the morning workouts. Here are a few notes after briefly chatting with Sam Ehlinger following Wednesday's practice.

- Ehlinger said he has reached out to several Texas wide receiver prospects since arriving in Oregon and he plans to talk more to those guys in the future about coming to UT.

- I asked what guys Ehlinger plans to recruit most while at The Opening. His response:

"You know, Baron Browning's on my team and that would be a great pickup. Anthony Hines is another big one. I have to get on my Ohio State boy JK Dobbins. All of the top guys in Texas that everyone talks about, those are the guys I've got to spot. It will be mostly those guys.

"I want to get to know them better because I only really know them through social media and talking at regionals. To get to know them, express how we need and want them, and what's going on down there will be my main point."

- After being slept on a bit early in his career, Ehlinger expressed how being underrated helped him get to where he is now.

"Hard work pays off. That's really what I can say. Of course everyone gets slept on at some point in their life. I hope I continue to get slept on because it gives me more motivation.

"I look forward to proving them wrong and waking them up, that's kind of my motto. To be here and have the opportunity to be in this great event is awesome."

- Ehlinger talks to Sterlin Gilbert almost every day. He also keeps in touch with Vance Bedford, Jeff Traylor and Charlie Strong on a regular basis.

- He doesn't consider his relationship with Gilbert as a coaching relationship right now, but more of a "relationship you would have with one of your good friends."

"(Gilbert) started the bond where we are going to be good friends and our relationship is going to be more then just football. That's kind of the vibe I have gotten from him."

- Florida State has continued to recruit the Texas commit, but his response has basically been thanks but no thanks. 

- After growing up a Longhorn fan, Ehlinger knew from a very young age that he wanted to wear burnt orange. Here's his description of what drew him to Texas.

"Growing up, learning the tradition, going to baseball, basketball and football games, wearing burnt orange to sleep, waking up in burnt orange, wearing it all day long made it engrained in my memory and engrained in my mind.

"Growing up in Austin, every Saturday was either going to a game or watching it on TV somewhere, watching the national championship and going to a national championship. It was kind of like a magnet. You have a positive here and once a negative comes into play, you kind of just migrate to it."

- Ehlinger believes his class could be the one that helps bring Texas back.

"No doubt, it's not hard to tell that the last two classes that have finished in the Top 10 are the type of classes everyone would like to have. Especially with the seasons that weren't as good for the program and the University of Texas to have and still getting those classes is just proof that Texas is meant to be good and that's where it's going to end up at the end.

"Coach Strong is putting us in a great position with the recruiting classes with all of those great guys and getting the Baylor guys. It's all uphill from here."

- Ehlinger was asked about his relationship with OU QB commit Chris Robinson, here's what he had to say. (Texas fans will like the way he ended his response.) 

"We mess with each other and talk crap to each other about the rivalry. At the end of the day, it's all fun and games. We're out to compete and make each other better, so I look forward to competing against him and beating him in the future."


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