Texas Longhorns Football: Predicting Top 3 Longhorn Wide Receivers in 2016

With less than one week remaining before fall camp, Horns Digest takes a look at what the Longhorns have to offer in year three of the Charlie Strong era. Today’s topic focuses on the offense, in particular, the wide receivers.

We didn't have time to unpack from South Bend before we said goodbye to the Three-And-Out-A-Thon Offense of Shawn Watson - one blackout-worthy game into the 2015 season.


That last Three-And-Out-A-Thon: 8 in 12 possessions.


Then, we said goodbye to the Jay Norvell "Why keep running it when we run it so well?" Offense. 


Sometimes, goodbyes really are easy.


Now comes the G-Force Offense of Sterlin Gilbert, which took Bowling Green from 22.9 ppg before he arrived as OC to 34.8 ppg in his first season (2013) and took Tulsa from 24.7 ppg before he arrived as OC to 37.2 ppg last season.


That's roughly a 12-point average increase when Gilbert takes over an offense in Year 1. 


If Texas could go from 26.4 ppg in 2015 to 38.4 ppg in 2016, Charlie Strong would probably ask Greg Fenves to allow the coaching staff to use the private jet Fenves took to Tulsa to hire Gilbert for a staff vacation!


Taylor and I have already weighed in on whether or not we think Texas will have a 1,000-yard rusher (she thinks there will be one - I think there will be two).


So, now we turn our attention to how we think the receivers will produce in the G-Force offense. 


In what is clearly becoming a trend, Taylor has learned from the last six years of Texas offense - if that's what we can call it - to keep expectations in check and is again the more pragmatic prognosticator.


For that, the Longhorns here at HD suffering from a severe case of Battered Fan Syndrome probably appreciate you Taylor!


Me? I am once again the foolhardy one, raising the hopes of fried Longhorn fans everywhere and refusing to temper much of anything when it comes to the G-Force offense in 2016. 


(Don't worry, I'm not calling for the TCU Turnaround induced by Gary Patterson's offensive conversion from 25.1 points per game while going 4-8 in 2013 to 46.5 ppg in a 12-1 season in 2014. ... But if it happened once ... I know, stop already ...)


So the truth probably lies somewhere between Taylor's projection and mine as to the production of who we think will be the team's top three receivers in 2016:

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