Fall camp is under way at Texas with the coaches living in the Jester dorm rooms - just like the players. Lots to talk about, so let's get started ...

* Charlie Strong on the state of the team after Day 1 of fall camp on Saturday: "We're talented enough now. We just gotta get 'em coached up. No more excuses. Young but we're talented enough. So just get 'em coached up."


* Charlie Strong said Chris Warren was in the Pit and not at practice because he "tweaked" a hamstring. "He'll be fine," Strong said.


* Kirk Johnson took advantage of the reps Saturday - getting a lot of work, including his specialty - catching passes out of the backfield.

"There's something in their blood with how hard Collin and Kirk Johnson work," said senior WR Jacorey Warrick. Of course, the Johnson brothers are the sons of former Texas All-American DB Johnnie Johnson.


* Strong said the freshmen defenders need work on taking proper angles.


* The increased size and strength of the team shows the most on the offensive and defensive lines.

Patrick Hudson did more than 20 reps of 225 in the O-line's strength test, which impressed OL coach Matt Mattox. 


* Kent Perkins won the 225-pound bench rep contest with 39. When I asked him if that was the best on the team, he said, "Yes - know that!"


* I asked Perkins about the move from RT to RG: "I like playing inside. I feel like I'm a better player inside."


* One of the reasons Perkins loves playing guard - all the pulling he gets to do on power and counter plays in the running game. "Love pulling and just taking guys out," Perkins said.


* Connor Williams - who is up to 305 - won the OL Challenge, which included repping 225 pounds, most pushups, longest bar hang, etc - all done AFTER workouts this summer.

"Connor is just ultra competitive," OL coach Matt Mattox said. "His desire to win is so high. He's quiet about it. You don't know it - until he shows it to you." 


* Perkins said of the young defensive tackles who impressed him on Day 1 of fall camp - "Fifty-five. He's quick." 

No. 55 is Jordan Elliott. Strong said Elliott wanted 56 ("I guess he thinks he's Lawrence Taylor."), but Strong gave him No. 55.


* Perkins continues to say "the energy is different" with this year's team. "Everyone is holding each other accountable," Perkins said. 

"Like when the guy next to you isn't using proper technique, now it's another player pointing it out instead of it always being a coach."


* Strong said K Trent Domingue was 5-of-6 Saturday, missing only his longest attempt.


* QB Jerrod Heard was wearing gloves Saturday ( a la Teddy Bridgewater ). 

"That's just Jerrod. Tomorrow, he may not be wearing those gloves," said WR Jacorey Warrick.

"Heard - he probably saw someone else wearing them and decided he wanted to try it," Strong said.


* Devin Duvernay, who is wearing No. 80 (for those of you going to practice on Sunday) - had some impressive catches Saturday. "He has some speed. He listens. He's a quick learner," Warrick said of Duvernay.


* Senior LB Tim Cole on the last two recruiting classes: "The gene pool out here s just crazy. Blessed. I'm just glad they're here."


* Cole on Charlie Strong saying LB Anthony Wheeler will be a surprise player in 2016: "It won't be a surprise to me. I expect it. He's a freak. He can be as good as he wants to be. He's a quiet guy who just keeps his head down and works. You respect a guy like that."


* Cole on his maximizing his talents: "I may not be the fastest guy out there. But I'm pretty strong. So I make sure I play to my strengths by defeating blocks."


* Lil'Jordan Humphrey is No. 81 ... Reggie Hemphill is 82 ... Davion Curtis is 84 ... Gerald Wilbon is 94 ... Marcel Southall is 96 ... D'Andre Christmas is 98 ... Chris Daniels is 99 ... Peyton Aucoin is 88 ... Denzel Okafor is 78 ... Patrick Hudson is 73 ... Tope Imade is 67 ... J.P. Urquidez is 71 ... Jordan Elliott is 55 ... Andrew Fitzgerald is 48 ... Chris Brown is 15 ... Trent Domingue is 17 ... Brandon Jones is 19 ... Kyle Porter is 21 ... Jeffrey McCulloch is 23 ... Eric Cuffee is 26 ... Donovan Duvernay is 27 ... Malcolm Roach is 32 



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